Department of Agriculture and Allied Subjects

  • Dr.K.A.Shanmugasundaram
  • Assistant Professor (Horticulture)
Vegetable Science in Horticulture
  • Dr.A.Baskaran
  • Associate Professor in Horticulture
Fruit Science
  • Dr. B.Sivakumar
  • Assistant Professor (Forestry)
Agroforestry & Silviculture

Department Profile

Horticulture farm

Horticulture farm includes area for orchard(5acres), vegetables(1acre), floriculture(1 acre), spices- plantation crops- medicinal and aromatic crops(1 acre), Nursery(1 acre), shade net for vegetable and flowers production(500 m2),  Shade net for Propagation(500m2), poly house(500m2) and  arid horticulture(1 acre)

Orchard area:

An area of 5 acre different fruit crops has been planted for developing orchard in C block. Clearing of bushes and jungle has been done.


Lay out and planting was carried out for Guava in high density planting (5X3m) by engaging students with varieties like VNR.1( Tai type), Arka Kiran(red flesh) and Lucknow- 49. Planted on 24.10.2018(VNR.1) and 18.01.2019(Arka Kiran).


Lay out and planting was carried out for sapota in high density planting (5X5m) with varieties like (PKM.1, PKM.2, PKM.3, PKM.4, Keertha barthi,CO.1, CO.2, CO.3). Planted on 15.02.2019.


Mango was planted on 12.07.2019 in an area of 30 cents with Alphonso, Banganapalli, Neelum, Kalapad, Salem Bangalura, Bangalura, Sendura, Mallika, Mulgova and Rumani varieties in C- Block area.


17Number of banana varieties of banana were planted in C block area in 15.5  cents on 11.03.2019 ( Rasthali(AAB), Karpuravalli(ABB), Peyan(AAB), Udthayam(ABB), Neipoovan(AB), Manoranjitham(), Saba(), Monthan(AAB), Ash monthan(AAB), Kothia(ABB) , Poovan(AAB), Popolour(), Nammakhom(ABB), Bainsa(AAB), Nutepong(ABB), Grand naine(AAA) and Jawari bale(AAB)). Germplasm was collected from National Research Centre for Banana, Tiruchy.

Lime and lemon: Acid lime(PKM.1, VRM.1) and Konkan  lemon were plated on 15.02.2019 with 5 meter spacing

Custard apple(Arka Shahan, APK.1, Mammooth, Balanagar, Roy durg), Ber(Apple), cashew(VRI.3), jack(PLR.1), jamun(Seed less) were planted on 15.02.2019 with spacing of 5 m.

Arid Horticulture area:

Jamun, Manila tamarind, Tamarind, Custard apple were planted in area of one acre

Vegetable area:

Vegetable area includes area for cultivation under drip(1acre), Kitchen garden(nutrition garden)(10 cents)

In Vegetable :Brinjal

MLT in Brinjal evaluation of spine and non spiny type was planted in area 10 cents in C block on 11.07.2019

Kitchen garden

Kitchen garden was established with vegetables in an area of five cents in C block area

Lawn in OTS area of Admin block and infront of admin block in an area on 10 cents

Medicinal and aromatic park: More than 50 species of medicinal and aromatic plants were planted in front of administrative building for identification by the students.


Horticulture nursery is situated on the main road connecting Tiruvannmalai and Kallakurichi.  Nursery has been equipped with mist chamber two numbers(2 nos 20×2=40 m2 area), shade net 500 m2, mother plants for ornamental plants multiplication and irrigation facilities in one acre area.

Floriculture area: Flower crops like rose, Gladiolus, jasminum types, Gerbera, marigold, flowering annuals like cosmos, Zinnea, balsom in one acres

Shade net for flowers and vegetable production: (White shade net)

Miniature rose(planted on1.4.2019) and indoor plants were raised in \white shade net (500 m2) along with green leafy vegetables as demo garden for local farmers to follow.

Avenue Trees

Pheltophorum trees were planted in both sides of the approach road infront of administrative building