Our team mission is to provide primary health care service to the students, faculty and farm workers. We also tend to provide facilities to promote the quality case and entitled community.


Our vision is to continue to quality health service providing to best heath care support.


The College Dispensary was started in January 2018 with a well qualified medical staff. It is located within the College premises near to both boys and Girls Hostel.

All kind of Medical emergencies are managed effectively and provided primary health case round the clock to the Students,Staffs and Farm workers. In case of Emergency condition patients will be monitored and necessary steps will be taken to stabilize the patients, if further investigations/treatment are required then patient will be referred to the nearby Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Thiruvannamalai for further treatment. Dispensary is established with three rooms, an outpatient room, pharmacy and ward with toilets.

Medical Unit

1. Mrs. M. Santhi,
Staff Nurse
2. Mrs. S. Manju ANM

Female Nursing Assistant.