Comptroller Office

SASIKALA.S, M.Com., B.Ed., DLT., MBA (finance), AICMA.,

Joint Director from Treasuries and Accounts Department on deputation as Comptroller w.e.f.24.5.2018.

30 years of experience in various departments viz. School Education department, served as Personal Assistant (Accounts ) to Collector ,  Accounts  Officer in DRDA, Treasury Officer,  Financial Advisor to TamilNadu Corporation for Development of Women, Deputy General Manager (finance) TamilNadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation.

Comptroller is a statutory post of University Officer.

The Comptroller is a whole-time salaried Officer in the category of Joint Director of Treasuries and Accounts Department approved by the Board of Management.

The comptroller will

  • Advice the University regarding its financial policy.
  • Responsible for all accounting matters including preparation and presentation of annual financial estimates, annual accounts and balance sheet.
  • Ensure that no expenditure not authorised in the annual financial estimates as approved by the Board is incurred.
  • Disallow any expenditure unwarranted by the terms of any statute or for which provision is required to be made by a statute but has not been so made.
  • Responsible for collection of income and fees, disburse payments, financial transactions of the university and proper accounting thereof, and all incidental maters including correspondence relating thereto.
  • Empowered to sign in all contracts pertaining to accounts and finance for which he/she is directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Prepare before the 1st February the annual financial estimates for the ensuing year
  • Perform other duties as may be prescribed or required by the vice-Chancellor.


  • The establishment matters of Comptroller’s office and salary of staff working in Comptroller’s office,Vice-Chancellor’s Office and Registrar’s office.
  • University Provident Fund  and Contributory Pension Scheme  of all  permanent employees starting from number generation, maintenance of monthly accounts, issue of annual account slips, payment of temporary advance, part-final  withdrawal and final closure.
  • Deposit of excess money in Government PD account and other high interest yielding sources.
  • Special Provident Fund 1984 and 2000 of all university employees are also maintained.
  • New Health Insurance Scheme of university employees is maintained.
  • Endowment Account, Convocation account are maintained at this section.
  • Employees Provident Fund, Income Tax and other statutory activities of Comptroller office are taken care.
  • Leave Salary Contribution and Pension Contribution of University employees on deputation are maintained.
  • Production of records for audit.
  • Audit paras raised by the Local Fund department, Accountant General  are answered through this section.
  • Preparation of annual estimates – Budget estimate, Revised estimate, Final Modified Appropriation, Final surrender for State Government grant  including NABARD,  TANII, NADP, etc.,
  • Forwarding proposals for funding agencies like Government of India, Indian Council of Agricultural Research , ICAR- Krishi Vighyan Kendras, UGC sponsored schemes
  • Getting the estimates approved by various committees ie. Finance Committee and the Board of Management and circulating the same to concerned departments.
  • Receive all grants from funding agencies and maintain accounts.
  • Issue of Audited Utilisation certificates to the funding agencies scheme wise.
  • Maintain accounts for schemes sponsored by Private and Foreign Agencies.
  • Maintenance of Education Research &Development fund.
  • Monitoring of Revolving fund, Venture Capital Schemes, Self Supporting Schemes
  • Release funds to various colleges, departments, Research stations and KVKs and monitor their expenditure.
  • Monitor the expenditure of all units of TNAU and consolidate them.
  • Prepare annual accounts and submit for approval of the Local Fund (Audit) department.
  • Place the approved accounts in the Finance Committee, Board of Management and finally place before the Legislative Assembly.
  • Purchase of equipments beyond the powers of the concerned officers are done only on prior permission of the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Purchase proposals are submitted along with the Administrative sanction for which financial sanction is provided by way of University Sanction Order.
  • Purchase/repair of vehicles is approved based on the recommendations of the vehicle committee.
  • Principal approval, University Sanction Order, Tender approval, Agreement relating to civil works is also done.
  • Approval of proposal for condemnation of obsolete articles/vehicles.
  • Consolidation, remittance and filing of returns for GST.
  • Processing of pension proposal of all permanent employees of the University and forwarding the same to Local Fund (audit) department
  • Sanction of pension, revision of pension & other  arrears, DCRG, Commutation, family pension, life time arrears of the deceased pensioners, Family Security Fund.
  • New Health Insurance Scheme of university pensioners are maintained.
  • Annual mustering of pensioners, updation of pension details in the pension payment order of the pensioners
  • Issue of pension payment order books to first time pensioners, issue of duplicate books whenever requested.
  • Payment of pension, Commutation, Family pension, Family Security Fund and other arrears
  • Preparation of annual estimate, monthly accounts, annual accounts .
  • Maintenance of pensioner records and service registers.
  • Maintenance of Family Security Fund account.