Cotton – About Department


The Department of cotton is functioning under the Directorate of Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics (CPBG) in the century old Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore which was started in the year 1922 as Cotton Breeding Station. It is located at an elevation of 426.72 m above MSL and between 11oN latitude and 77o E longitude covering in an area of 25 acres. Cotton department is equipped with high volume instrument to assess the fibre quality parameters and well furnished molecular laboratory

Vision and Mission

  1. Germplasm maintenance and pre-breeding activities utilizing wild species
  2. Developing high yielding tetraploid cotton varieties and hybrids for winter irrigated tracts through interdisciplinary approach.
  3. Developing compact genotypes fitting to rice fallow situation (120-125 days duration) and standardizing agro technological packages.
  4. Development of high fibre quality colour cotton varieties
  5. Mechanizing the cultivation of cotton
  6. Monitoring the cotton pests and diseases and developing suitable integrated biotic stress management technologies
  7. Ensuring adequacy in the supply of good quality seeds of various classes
  8. Dissemination of technologies to farmers through on farm and off farm mode