Cotton – Completed Schemes

Completed Schemes

Name of the scientist Name of the scheme, sponsor Total years of implementation and budget
Dr.L.Mahalingam CPBG/CBE/ PBG/ COT/ 2018/CPoo1)

Development  of Jassid tolerant compact genotype in cotton (G.hirsutum L,) suitable for rainfed conditions of North Western zone of Tamil Nadu  (HA: B27NV-CP001)

Department of Cotton, TNAU


(Budget:2.5 Lakha)

Dr. N.Premalatha

(Scientist incharge)

Private agencies studies on Evaluation of Bt cotton hybrids and monitoring (F 37 HU)

at Department of Cotton, Coimbatore

Sponsor : Private agencies

April 2015 to July, 2016

Rs. 18.13 lakhs

Dr. N.Premalatha

(Scientist incharge)

Evaluation of Bt cotton hybrids (F 37 HU)

at Department of Cotton, Coimbatore

Sponsor : Private agencies

August, 2016 to July, 2017

Rs. 17.61 lakhs

Dr. N.Premalatha (PI) TNCCM/ CPBG/ CBE/COT/ 2015/R/002/:

“Development of compact genotypes in cotton (G. hirsutum) suitable for High Density Planting System and Mechanized Harvest”

Sponsor: GoTN


198.0 lakhs

Dr. N.Premalatha (PI) GoTN/CPBG/SVR/GEN/2017/T001 FLD cotton of GoTN under NFSM- Srivilliputtur and two TNAU centres

Sponsor : Government of Tamil Nadu


Rs. 3.73 lakhs

Dr. P. Latha

Asst. Professor (Plant Pathology) and
Dr. L. Mahalingam, Professor

ICAR- Fully financed Scheme on “Tribal SubPlan in Cotton”  2015-2016 & 2016-2017 and 1.0 lakhs
Dr. P. Latha, Asst. Professor (Pl.Path.)

Dr. N. Premalatha, Asst. Professor (PBG)

Govt. of Tamil Nadu-NFSM-FLD on Cotton Scheme 2018 and 1.0 lakhs