Cotton – Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

Sl.No. Project Number and Title Period Project leaders
1. CPBG/CBE/PBG/COT/2016/001 Maintenance and evaluation of germplasm stocks of G.barbadense and G.hirsutum 


June 2015 to May 2020 Dr.N.Premalatha,

Asst.Professor (PBG)

2. CPBG/CBE/PBG/COT/2019/001

Evolution of high yielding compact cotton variety with extra long staple fibre length and leaf hopper resistance


May 2019-April 2022


Dr.N.Premalatha,        Asst.Professor (PBG)

Dr.M.Gunnasekaran (PBG)

Dr.K.Senguttuvan (Entomology)

3. Identification and evaluation of high yielding compact genotypes in cotton fitting to high density planting systems


June 2018-May 2020


Dr.N.Premalatha,  Asst.Professor (PBG)


4. CPBG/CBE/PBG/COT/2017/001Breeding for high yielding long and extra long staple G.hirsutum and G.barbadense cotton varieties suitable for high speed spinning.


June 2017 to May 2022


Dr. S.Rajeswari            Professor (PBG) and Head

Dr.N.Premalatha,  Asst.Professor (PBG)


5. CPBG/ CBE/ PBG/ COT/ 2016/002

Development of high yielding jassid resistant cotton varieties by introgression of genes from wild species.


June 2016 to May 2021


Dr. L. Mahalingam,

Professor (PBG),

6. CPBG/ CBE/ PBG/ COT/ 2016/003

Maintenance and production of nucleus and breeder seeds of cotton varieties of Department of Cotton, Coimbatore

May 2016 to April 2021


Dr. L. Mahalingam,

Professor (PBG),