Cotton – Ongoing Schemes

Ongoing Schemes

S. No. Name of the scientist Name of the scheme, sponsor Total years of implementation and budget
1. Dr. N.Premalatha (PI) DBT/CPBG/CBE/COT/2017/R004 “DBT Network Project- Development of consensus genetic linkage map for Gossypium L. spp. With SNP markers and QTL analysis for fibre traits: TNAU Coimbatore component – Conduct of MLTs of mapping populations, phenotyping and QTL analysis for fibre traits in cotton

Sponsor: DBT, New Delhi

21.02.2017 to 20.02.2020

34.07 lakhs

Sl. No. Name of the scheme Sponsoring agency / during  the year Budget  (Rupees )
1 Non plan- Cotton Main State Rs.1,36,46,500/-
2 ICAR-All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project: ICAR Rs.99, 20,000
3 GOI-Department of Biotechnology DBT Rs.13, 53, 200/-
4 ICAR-AICRP -Front Line Demonstration ICAR Rs.90,000/-
5 Go TN-NFSM – Front Line Demonstration GOI Rs.2,98,000/-