Forage Crops – About Department

Genesis and Development

Studies on fodder crops were begun as early as 1929 in the Botany section of the then Agricultural College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. A full fledged department, first of its kind in India came into existence in the year 1976 at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. It was identified as one of the centres of All India Coordinated Research Project on Forage Crops by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in 1976. This department has a household name in national arena and has been awarded with Best AICRP centre in India by IACR during 2016 for its significant contribution in the development of world class Bajra Napier hybrids and forage resources.


  • Collection, evaluation and maintenance of forage genetic resources
  • To evolve superior varieties of forage crops with high yield and quality
  • To enhance the green and dry fodder production potential of important forage crops
  • To identify suitable package of practices for the improved varieties so as to maximize productivity with minimum inputs
  • To reduce anti-nutritional factors in forages through breeding efforts
  • To enhance the seed productivity of important fodder crops
  • To produce Breeder/ TFL seeds/planting material in forage crops
  • Collaborative research with other institutions viz., IGFRI, Jhansi/ ICRISAT, Hyderabad


Best Seed Production Centre Award – 2018                                                                             Best AICRP Centre Award – 2017