Forage Crops – Completed Projects

Externally Funded Projects - Completed

Name of the scientist(s) Name of the scheme, sponsor Total years of implementation


(in Lakhs)

Dr. C. Babu (PI) KANCOR/CPBG/CBE/FC/2010/R001 Evolution of Lucerne genotype possessing high biomass and chlorophyll content funded by Kancor Ingredients Ltd., Cochin, Kerala 2010-15
(5 years)8.56
Dr. C. Babu (PI) Farmers’ training on fodder seed production funded by NADP (AFDP) 2011-12

(1 year)


Dr. C. Babu (PI) Training on cultivation techniques of different fodder crops and method of preservation funded by SFDS- AH & VS 2012-13

(1 year)


Dr. C. Babu (Co-PI) Evaluation of hybrids on fodder sorghum and cumbu funded by UPL Advanta 2014-15
(1 year)1.29
Dr. C. Babu (PI) ICRISAT/CPBG/CBE/FC/2015/R002 Development of pearl millet forage hybrids and Pearl millet – Napier (PN) hybrids for high biomass and quality suited for different agro climaticzones of India sponsored by CGIAR- Dry land Cereals – Competitive Grants 2015 2015-16
(1 year)50,000 USD
Dr. S.D. Sivakumar (PI) & Dr. C. Babu (Co-PI) GoTN/CPBG/CBE/FC/2016/T001
Conduct of training on forage seed production techniques and vermicomposting under State Fodder Development Scheme, DAH & VS, GoTN
(1 year)3.20
Dr. S.D. Sivakumar (PI) & Dr. C. Babu (Co-PI) GoTN/CPBG/CBE/FC/2017/T001

Conduct of training on Improved varieties and technologies in forage crops under State Fodder Development Scheme, DAH & VS, GoTN

(1 year)10.40