Forage Crops – Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

S. No. Project No. & title Period Sponsor and Budget (Rs. in lakhs) PI/CO-PI
1. DBT/CPBG/CBE/FC/2019/R004 Establishment of biotech KISAN hub at Tamil Nadu AgriculturalUniversity, Coimbatore 2018-20 DBT, GOI, New Delhi



Dr. C. Babu (Hub Facilitator)

Dr. R. Sudhagar (PI)

Dr. S. D. Sivakumar (PI)

2. Pelletization of Forage Crops for enhancing livestock productivity 2019-21 TANII, GoTN


Dr. S. D. Sivakumar (PI)

Dr. C. Babu (PI)

3. DBT/CPBG/CBE/FC/2019/R004

Establishment of Biotech KISAN hub in two aspirational districts (Virudhunagar and Ramanathapuram) of Tamil Nadu

2019-21 DBT, GOI, New Delhi



Dr. C. Babu (Hub Facilitator)

Dr. S. D. Sivakumar (PI)

Dr. T. Ezhilarasi (PI)

4. HATSUN Chair AP (PBG) scheme 2018-23 HAPL, Chennai

100.00 (approx.)

Dr. C. Babu (PI)
5. AICRP/PBG/CBE/FCR/026 All India Coordinated Research Project on Forage Crops Continuous Scheme ICAR-AICRP


Dr. C. Babu

Dr. S. D. Sivakumar