Millets – Completed Schemes

Completed Schemes

S.No. Project No. & title Period Project Leader(s)
I. Sorghum
1. CPBG/CBE/PBG/SOR/2016/002
Maintenance, evaluation and utilization of germplasm in sorghum
April 2013 to Mar 2018 Dr. A. Yuvaraja,
Asst. Prof. (PBG)
2. CPBG/CBE/PBG/SOR/2016/001

Development of fodder sorghum varieties with improved quality traits

April 2016- March 2019 Dr. A. Yuvaraja
Asst. Prof. (PBG)
Dr. D. Kavithamani
Asst. Prof. (PBG)
II. Maize
1 CPBG/CBE/PBG/MAZ/2013/001 Evolution of single cross high yielding maize hybrids resistant to SDM with different maturity groups viz., late (> 95 d), medium (> 85-95 d) and early (>75-85 d) suitable for irrigated ecosystem. June 2013-May 2018 Dr.R.Ravikesavan
2 CPBG/CBE/PBG/MAZ/2013/002
Development of high yielding sweet corn hybrids suitable for Tamil Nadu
June 2013-May 2018 Dr. R. Ravikesavan