Millets – Ongoing Schemes

University Sub Projects

S. No. Project No. & title Period Project Leader(s)
A. Sorghum    
1 CPBG/CBE/PBG/SOR/2018/001  Collection and characterization of sorghum germplasm April 2018  to  March 2023 Dr. D. Kavithamani
Assistant Professor (PBG)
2 CPBG/CBE/PBG/SOR/2018/002 Development of dual purpose varieties of sorghum resistant to major pests (Shoot fly/Stem borer/ Midge) June 2018  to   May 2023 Dr. B. Selvi
Professor (PBG) 
3 CPBG/CBE/PBG/SOR/2016/001  Development of fodder sorghum varieties with improved quality traits April 2016  to  March 2019 Dr.D.Kavithamani
Assistant Professor (PBG)
B Cumbu
1. CPBG/CBE/PBG/PEM/2015/004  Evolution of high yielding single cross pearl millet hybrids with resistance to downy mildew April 2015 – Mar 2020


Dr. K. Iyanar
Associate Professor (PBG)
2. CPBG/CBE/PBG/PEM/2015/005
Maintenance of genetic purity and production of nucleus seeds of parental lines of hybrids and composites developed in pearl millet (PennisetumglaucumL.)
July 2015 –June 2020


Dr. K. Iyanar
Associate Professor (PBG) 
C Maize  
1 CPBG/CBE/PBG/MAZ/2018/001 Development of high yielding sweet corn   hybrids suitable for Tamil Nadu June 2018- May 2023 Dr.R.Ravikesavan
Professor (PBG)& Head
2 CPBG/CBE/PBG/MAZ/2018/002  Development of high yielding single cross maize hybrids in late (> 95 d) and medium (> 85-95 d) maturity suitable for irrigated ecosystems. June 2018 to May 2023 Dr. N. KumariVinodhana
Assistant Professor (PBG) 
3 CPBG/CBE/PBG/MAZ/2018/003 Germplasm maintenance and Breeder seed    production in Maize June 2018

to May 2023

Dr. N. KumariVinodhana,
Assistant Professor (PBG