About Department

Biochemistry was introduced as a unit of the Department of Biology in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in 1973. The main objectives were teaching and research in agriculture. Since September 1, 1975 the unit was made into a full-fledged department with Dr. D. Raj as Professor and Head of the Department of Biochemistry.

            Subsequently, the department and the activities expanded progressively with the addition of various laboratory equipments. The department offers course in Biochemistry to the undergraduate students of B.Sc.(Agriculture), B.Sc.(Horticulture), B.Sc.(Forestry), B.Sc.(Home Science), B.Tech (Energy and Environmental Engineering), B.Tech (Biotechnology), B.Tech (Bioinformatics), B.Tech (Food Technology) and B.Sc. (Sericulture). M.Sc and PhD courses are offered to the students from all disciplines other than Social sciences as a minor course. The syllabus for various courses offered by the department is revised as per the ICAR norms.