Activities and achievements

  • Developed management technologies for Sugarcane woolly aphid, Coconut eriophyid mite, Payayamealybug, Coconut Rugose Spiralling Whitefly, Fall Armyworm and plant parasitic nematodes in field and polyhouse grown crops.
  • Developed and patented TNAU stored grain insect pest management kit, insect traps, botanical based repellents and water soluble gel formulation of entomopathogenic nematode (EPN).
  • Established Insect Museum and NABL accredited pesticide residue analysis laboratory.
  • Developed TNAU Seri Dust for bed disinfectant , TNAU Ilamathi for higher silk yield and TNAU Uzi fly ovipositional deterrent.
  • Microbial Culture Collection for conservation of plant pathogens and biological control agents.
  • Established an exclusive mushroom research laboratory and training centre.
  • Established collaborative research with International and national institutes
  • Offering periodical training to farmers and stakeholders on bee keeping, biocontrol agent production, pesticide residue analysis and mushroom cultivation.
  • Department of Nematology is the notified centre for offering training on nematological techniques for scientists working in AICRP on nematodes across the country.


  • National and International awards for the contribution in research was bagged by the Entomologist, Pathologist, Nematologist and Sericulturists of this Directorate in the form of fellowships, plaque, certificates and cash awards.
  • Our Scientists bagged Jawaharlal Nehru Award for Best doctoral research work, Expert member for Nematode identification in Nurseries coined by ICAR, Best centre for AICRP on nematodes, ICAR Award for Best teachers, Norman Borlaug Award, International Travel Grant Award, State Government Best NSS Officer Award, Tamil Nadu Government Best Women Scientists Award, TNAU Best teacher and Researcher Award, Best stall award, Best poster and oral presentation awards, Best library user award, etc.

Prominent Books / Publications

This directorate published several books and research articles with National and International Publishers and peer reviewed journals in the field of plant protection.

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