Agricultural Entomology – PG Courses

PG Courses

Every year about 10 to 20 M.Sc (Ag.) and Ph.D. students pass out of this department. More than 350 students in M.Sc. (Ag.) and 230 in Ph.D. have completed their degree programmes since inception. Students of this department, meritoriously pass in ICAR- ARS and NET exams year after year. Of our department excelled in obtaining young scientists award sponsored by DST, CSIR – SRF award, Rajivgandhi, INSPIRE fellowship and Jawaharlal Nehru award. PG students specialize in areas namely biological control, pesticide toxicology, chemical ecology, host plant resistance, storage entomology, apiculture, acarology and insect biosystematics. The following courses are offered for Masters and Doctoral programmes in Agricultural Entomology under trimester system from 2014-15 batch.

Course No Course Title Credit Hours
ENT 601 Insect Taxonomy and Classification 2+1
ENT 602 Insect Biodiversity 0+1
ENT 603 Insect Morphology 2+1
ENT 604 Insect Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition 3+1
ENT 605 Principles of Insect Ecology 1+1
ENT 606 Principles of Insecticide Toxicology 2+1
ENT 607 Biological Control of Crop Pests and Weeds 2+1
ENT 608 Principles of Host plant Resistance 2+1
ENT 609 Biotechnological Applications in Pest Management 1+1
ENT 610 Pests of Field Crops 2+1
ENT 611 Pests of Horticultural and Plantation Crops 1+1
ENT 612 Post Harvest Entomology 1+1
ENT 613 Non Insect Pests and their Management 1+1
ENT 614 Commercial Entomology 1+1
ENT 615 Domestic, Veterinary and Medical Entomology 2+1
ENT 616 Insects and mites in Relation to Plant Diseases 1+1
ENT 617 Applied Insect Demography 0+1
ENT 620 Plant Quarantine 1+0