Department of Agricultural Entomology

  • UG education is equipped with insect dissection sets, simple stage, binocular zoom and stereoscopic zoom microscopes, work tables, insect collection boxes, glass topped insect store boxes, insect show cases, LCD projector, 65” plasma TV laptops and Trinocular microscope attached to TV.
  • Specialized Laboratories viz., Insect mass culturing facility, chemical ecology, toxicology, bio-control, biosystematics, plant product extraction and formulation development, storage insects’ research laboratories function in this department.
  • Poly house facility for screening plants against phytophagous insects and mites is available
  • NABL accredited pesticide toxicology laboratory equipped with GC -MS, GC, LC-MS, HPLC, Turbovap LV concentration, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Sonicator, Solid phase extraction (SPE), Soxhlet apparatus, Silent crusher, Mechanical shaker, Centrifuge, Hot air oven, Mufle furnace, Refrigerator, Deep freezer and Refrigerator cum deep freezer is available.
  • Honey processing unit with a processing capacity of 100kg/unit and honey testing lab is available.

Department of Plant Pathology

  • The department is adequately equipped with State-of-the-art research facilities to carry out advanced research in all the disciplines of Plant Pathology.
  • The doctoral and Masters research are carried out in all major areas of Plant Pathology: Mycology, Bacteriology, Plant Virology, Molecular Plant Pathology, development of integrated disease management strategies for major diseases, Identification of resistant donors for breeding programme, Disease forecasting, Biological control, Mushroom technology, Seed pathology and Post harvest Pathology.
  • The research activity is being supported by various funding agencies like Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Science and Technology, University Grant Commission, Government of India, Medicinal Plants Board, Private companies and Foreign Agency projects viz.,. USAID and DAFA by GRM International Private limited.
  • UG education is equipped with binocular microscopes, work tables, Herbarium Collection, LCD projector, and microscope attached to TV .
  • Specialized Laboratories viz., Genomic – Proteomic, Host- Plant Resistance, Virology, Bacteriology, Mycotoxin, Pseudomonas, Trichoderma, Quarantine and Bio-formulation development, Microbial Culture Collection Bank are functioning in this department.
  • Department has an exclusive two glasshouse, disease sick plots and field laboratory for conducting screening and management against plant pathogens.
  • Three venture capital scheme viz., Trichoderma, Pseudomonas, Mushroom are functioning in this department for the production of biocontrol microorganism, Spawn to cater the demand of farmers.

Department of Nematology

  • UG Nematology laboratory is equipped with binocular stereo zoom microscopes; compound research microscopes attached with image display unit and maintained fresh collections of nematode damage specimens.
  • An exclusive nematode extraction, diagnosis and EPN laboratories are available for post graduate, doctoral research scholars and faculties.
  • Department has an exclusive polyhouse, net house, nematode sick plots and filed laboratory for conducting screening and management against plant parasitic nematodes.