Nematology Future Strategies

Future strategies

  • Identification of resistant sources for major nematodes like root knot, reniform and cyst nematodes to be used for resistant breeding programme.
  • Genetic improvement of fungal biocontrol agents viz., Purpureocillium lilacinumand Pochonia chlamydosporiafor the management of plant parasitic nematodes
  • Identification of effective botanicals for the nematode management and development of their formulations.
  • Identification, characterization and cloning of nematode resistant genes using genetic engineering techniques.
  • Developing integrated Nematode management techniques for agricultural and horticultural crops in field and poly house cultivation of vegetables and flower crops
  • Increasing the infectivity and efficiency of Entomopathogenic nematodes, Steinernema sp. and Heterorhabditis sp. for the biocontrol of major insect pests