Nematology Laboratories


Nematode extraction and diagnostic laboratories

The lab is equipped with instruments required for processing the nematode infested soil and root samples

UG Laboratory

This lab is utilized for conducting practical classes for UG courses of various degree programme. Laboratory is well equipped with instruments like Microscope (25 Nos), AV aids, Image analysis system for Nematode documentation, Nematode Wet Collections, Preserved slides and root specimens, Nematode life cycle charts and display material

PG Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with instruments for research and practical experimentation for the PG and PhD students. It is supplied with working benches, storage cabinets, equipment and apparatuses (chemical fume hood, microscopes, stereo-microscopes, PCR machine, Laminar air Flow Chamber, Autoclave, Electrophoresis units,  Gel documentation units etc.) used to carry out experimental activities for teaching and research purposes.   

Molecular Nematology Laboratory

The Molecular laboratory in Department of Nematology is housed with PCR, Gel documentation unit and other instruments used for carrying out molecular characterization of nematodes for quicker and easier nematode diagnostics

Nematology Glass House and Rockfeller Glass House

Nematology Glass House and Rockfeller Galss house facilities are created for the purpose of conducting controlled experiments in Nematology. This glass house is provided with concrete benches, Microplots, climate-controlled atmosphere, insect-proof nets and shades, Laminar Air flow chamber, distillation unit and microscopes.

Biocontrol Agent formulation Unit

Mass production of Nematode antagonistic fungal biocontrol agents is being mass multiplied. The unit equipped with laminar air flow chamber, fermenter and autoclave

Department Library

The Department of Nematology has set up a library to support the students as well as the staffs in their academic purpose. The working time of the library is 9:00 am to 5.00 pm. The library is stuffed with subject related books, thesis, digital collection of thesis, UG and PG project reports and general books to equip the students for competitive exams.

An Arboretum of Nematode infested specimens

A collection of nematode infested root specimens fixed in formalin of different crops have been displayed for better understanding of students and farmers