Plant Pathology Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Externally Funded Projects

Title of the Project Budget (Rs. in lakh) Funding Agency Funding Agency code Period from Period to
GOI- DST – Exploration of antifungal potential of Chaetomium spp. against Fusarium wilt of tomato 28.00 GOI-DST DST 24.04.2018 23.04.2021
Engineering resistance against Cucumber mosaic virus in chilli through RNA silencing technology under NER DBT programme 68.00 GOI-DBT DBT 18.09.2018 17.09.2021
GOI-NMPB- Investigation on conduciveness of aflatoxin deelopment in Indian senna and its biological management” 28.14 GOI NMPB 29.102018 31.03.2021
GOI-DBT-Unraveling the etiology of leaf crinkle disease in urdbean and development of diagnostics” 19.62 GOI DBT 28.09.2018 27.09.2021
GOI-SERB-Exploitation of quisqualis relationship with erysiphe cichoracearum on the induction of resistance and management of bhendi powdery mildew 29.70 GOI GOI SERB 18.09.2018 17.09.2021
Climate change mediated aerobiological studies of rice airborne pathogens and their management 28.04 GOI DST Mar-19 Feb-22
Exploitation of Chaetoglobosin producing chaetomium and formulation development for the management of fusarium 12.93 GOI DST Apr-19 Mar-22
UGC-SAP: Enterprising Mushroom Biotechnology for Food, Feed and Biomanure 65.00 GOI UGC SAP Apr-16 Mar-21