Plant Pathology PG Courses

PG Courses

More than 300 students in M.Sc. (Ag.)  have completed their degree programmes since inception. Students of this department, meritoriously pass in ICAR- ARS and NET exams year after year. Of our department excelled in obtaining young scientists award sponsored by DST, CSIR – SRF award, Rajiv Gandhi, INSPIRE fellowship and Jawaharlal Nehru award. PG students specialize in areas namely Biological Control, Virology, Bacteriology, Mycology and Mushroom production.  The following courses are offered for Masters programme under semester system.

Masters – M.Sc. (Ag.) Plant  Pathology
PAT 501 Mycology 2+1
PAT 502 Plant Virology 2+1
PAT 503 Plant Bacteriology 2+1
PAT 504 Principles of Plant  Pathology 3+0
PAT 505 Detection  and diagnosis of  Plant diseases 0+2
PAT 506 Principles of Plant disease  management 2+1
PAT 507 Diseases of Field and Horticulture  Crops 2+1
PAT 510 Seed  Health Technology 2+1
PAT 513 Disease Resistance in  Plants 2+1
PAT 514/ ENT 514  

Insect vectors of plant viruses and other pathogens



PAT 515 Biological control of Plant  diseases 2+1
PAT 517 Mushroom  Production Technology 2+1
PAT 518 Epidemiology and forecasting of Plant diseases 2+1
PAT 519 Post  Harvest Diseases 2+1
PAT 520/ ENT 520 Plant Quarantine 2+0
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