TNAU Alumni Association

TNAU Alumni Association (TNAU AA)


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The Distinguished Alumnus Award is the highest honor bestowed on an alumnus / alumna by the University for outstanding contributions.  The University invites applications/nominations from alumni all over the world and the applications can be submitted online.

Last Date for Submitting the online Application: Extended up to 05.10.2021 (5.00 p.m. IST)

(Application form is compatible with gmail account)

TNAU Alumni Association is administered by an Alumni Committee. The alumni association is very active in promoting interactions among the alumni, staff and students. The Alumni Cell of TNAU has been functioning as a registered body at the Centre for Students Welfare.

TNAU Alumni Association started its manoeuvre in the month of June 2020. So far 6000 and above have registered in the TNAUAA.

The primary aim of the cell is to maintain the relationship between the institute and its alumni by sharing the development and growth of TNAU. The Alumni Association provides a host of activities and volunteer opportunities for graduates who join this independent, membership organization.


  • To facilitate and establish relationship between the university and its alumni
  • To unite the students of the University from past, present and future under one umbrella
  • Create a data base of all alumni and also to create links between alumni in different region
  • To seek guidance and help of alumni in academic placements and educational initiatives.
  • Honour alumni for distinguished work in the efforts to build the image of the University


Each batch gathers on campus on regular intervals to get reacquainted with recent changes at the TNAU.

TNAUAA assist them in the conduct of their splendour gatherings and facilitate in various activities during their reunion.

Career planning assistance is available to graduates as well as students. Interested graduates are provided with a job positions in a variety of arenas. The office of CSW staff provides counselling and assistance, in person or by phone, to former students seeking new positions. It has been a tradition that the alumni employed in different organizations in India and abroad help the students in their employment opportunities and guide them about the latest development in placement.

TNAUAA proposed to organize seminars, debates, talks, study classes etc., on subjects connected with agriculture and other related subjects.

Register as a member of the TNAU Alumni Association and regularly check in to know the latest information of the activities of the University. TNAU newsletter will be sent to all the members’ for information on events and programmes on campus.

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