Completed Schemes

S.No. Project Number and title Period Name and Designation  the project Leader
1. CPPS/CTN/PAT/GTN/2016/001

Integrated disease management of soil borne diseases of groundnut under rainfed conditions

Apr 2016- Mar 2019 Dr.M.Paramasivan, Assistant Professor, (Plant Pathology)
2. DCM/PMK/AGR/RIC/2016/001

Traditional rice cultivation through organic under rainfed ecosystem


2016-2018 Dr. T.Myrtle Grace

Professor and Head&


Asst.Professor (FSN)

3. HSCRI/CTN/FSN/2016/001 Optimization of processing techniques and assessment of nutritional and cooking qualities of traditional rice varieties (Oryza sativa L) grown in Sivagangai district Oct 2016- Sep 2018 Dr.S.JesupriyaPoornakala

Asst.Professor (FSN)&

Dr. M.TamilSelvan                                       Assistant Professor (Horticulture)

4. NRM/CTN/SAC/BGR/2015/001

Effect of biochar and phospho bacteria on carbon build up and Phosphorous availability and black gram yield  in rainfed Alfisol

Apr 2015-Mar 2018 Dr.P.Kannan

Asst. Professor (SS&AC)

5. HSCRI/CTN/HSC/014/001

Process optimization for millet based extruded foods

Nov 2014-Mar 2016


Dr. V. Thirupathi        Professor (FAPE)
6. CPBG/CTN/PBG/SMM/2014/001

Development of climate resilient Barnyard millet (Echinochloafrumentaceae) genotypes through mutation breeding”

Oct 2014-Mar 2017 Dr.R.Sasikala

Asst. Professor (PB&G)


7. FCRI/CTN/FOR/2014/002

Development of suitable Gliricidia based alley cropping models for rainfedalfisol for sustainable soil health and crop production

Aug 2014-July 2017 Dr. K.R.Ramesh,

Assistant Prof. (Forestry)


Asst. Professor (SS&AC)


Permanent Manurial Experiment on groundnut in red sandy loam soil (TypicHaplustalf) of Sivaganga under rainfed situation

Apr 2014-Mar2019 Dr.P.Kannan

Asst. Professor (SS&AC)


9. FCRI/CTN/FOR/2013/001 Development and Popularization of suitable Silvopasture Models for the drylands of Sivaganga District for improving rural livelihood security Aug 2013-July 2016 Dr. K.R.Ramesh,

Assistant Prof. (Forestry)

Handed over to


10. CPPS/CTN/PAT/GNT/2011/001

Chemical Management against major foliar diseases of rainfed groundnut.

Oct 2012- Sep 2014 Dr.M.Paramasivan, Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)
11. DCM/CTN/AGR/RGR/2011/001

Studies on weed management practices on machine sown pigeon pea under dryland condition

Mar 2011- Mar 2014 Dr.P.Kathirvelan

Assistant Professor (Agronomy)