Milestone Achievements

  • The major impact of the research station among the farming community is the adoption of line planting/line sowing in all crops by the farmers, which was less known among the farmers before the establishment of the station.
  • On farm demonstrations of seed to seed mechanization in groundnut was demonstrated in 100 acres in farmers’ holdings.
  • System of Rice Intensification was demonstrated in an area of 2500 acres.
  • Large scale cluster demonstrations of PPFM spray in rainfed rice was done in six blocks of Sivaganga district to mitigate intermittent and terminal drought covering 2500 acres.
  • Research and demonstrations in mechanized sowing of rice was done in an area of 80 acres
  • Created awareness among farmers in banyard millet cultivation by farmers participatory approach covering an area of 50 acres.
  • Biodegradation of coirpith by Pleurotus and its application to blackgram for managing root rot caused by Macrophominaphaseolina was demonstrated to farmers
  • Spotting of a new disease of grain smut in Kudiraivali