Ongoing Schemes

S.No. Project Number and title Period Name and Designation  the project Leader
1. CPBG/CTN/PBG/GNT/2018/CP103:

Core project on ‘Development of leaf spot and rust resistant variety in groundnut’

2018-19 Dr. R. Chandirakala, AP (PBG)


2. CPBG/CTN/SMM/2018/CP172:

Core project on ‘Evolution of barnyard millet genotypes suitable under rainfedalfisols through mutation breeding’



Dr. R. Chandirakala, AP (PBG)

Rs. 50,000/-

3. Barnyard millet Advanced Varietal Trial (BAVT) conducting trials on small millets by utilizing need based contingency released under AICRP on small millets Continuous project


R. Chandirakala

Rs. 25,000/-

4. HCRI/CTN/HOR/VEG/2017/002 Collection and Evaluation of brinjal variety suitable for RainfedAlfisol conditions Oct 2017 to Sep 2021 Dr. M.TamilSelvan                                       Assistant Professor (Horticulture)
5. HCRI/CTN/HOR/VEG/2017/001

Screening and developing a high yielding Gundu type chilli variety suitable for RainfedAlfisol conditions

Oct 2017 to Sep 2020 Dr. M.TamilSelvan                                       Assistant Professor (Horticulture)


6. CSCRI/CTN/FSN/2018/CP104Optimization of Process Parameters Using Response Surface Methodology for Osmotic dehydration of cashew apple (Anacardiumoccidentale L.) Nov 2018 to

Mar 2020


Asst.Professor (FSN)

7. DCM/VMB/AGR/CGR/2016/001

Integrated Drought Mitigation Technology (IDMT) for greengram

July 2016  to June  2019 Dr.P.Kannan

Asst. Professor (SS&AC)

8. DCM/ATL/AGR/SMM/2016/002

Samai based cropping system for rainfed agro ecosystem


June  2016  to  May 2019 Dr.P.Kannan

Asst. Professor (SS&AC)

Dr. T.Myrtle Grace

Professor and Head

9. DCM/TVM /AGR/GNT/2016/001Crop establishment and suitable intercrop for semi-spreading groundnut under rainfed condition July 2016  to May  2019 Dr.P.Kannan

Asst. Professor (SS&AC)

10. CPPS/CTN/PAT/GTN/2016/001

Integrated disease management of soil borne diseases of groundnut under rainfed conditions

Apr 2016- Mar 2019 Dr.M.Paramasivan, Assistant Professor, (Plant Pathology)
11. CPPS/CTN/PAT/SMM/2016/001: Management of Leaf Blight and Node Blast   Diseases Indian Barnyard Millet (Echinochloafrumentacea (Roxb.) Oct 2016 – Sep 2019 Dr.M.Paramasivan, Assistant Professor, (Plant Pathology)
12. NRM/CTN/SAC/GNT/2014/015

Permanent Manurial Experiment on groundnut in red sandy loam soil (TypicHaplustalf) of Sivaganga under rainfed situation

Apr 2014-Mar 2019 Dr.P.Kannan

Asst. Professor (SS&AC)