Technologies Developed

  • Application of biochar @ 5 t ha-1enhanced the soil moisture status, total carbon stock, soil physical, chemical and biological properties and crop yield in Alfisol
  • Adoption of compartmental bunding with crop residue mulch @ 5.0 t ha-1is recommended for groundnut in alfisols
  • Adoption of minimum tillage with crop residues @ 5 t ha-1 and supplementary irrigation (3 times) through raingun / sprinklers increased soil moisture retention and pod yield of groundnut in alfisols.
  • Adoption of laser leveling with mulch @ 5 t ha-1enhanced the growth, yield, economics and rain water use efficiency.
  • Application of TNAU micronutrient mixture @ 5kg ha-1as EFYM  is recommended for rainfed  blackgram
  • The split application of gypsum 200 Kg basal + 200 kgha-1when rain received between 30 to 45 days has been found to be the most suitable method of sulphur nutrition for rainfed groundnut
  • The integrated application of organic (FYM 12.5 t ha-1 and inorganic (10:10:45 kg ha-1 NPK) with rhizobium and phosphobacteria 2 kg ha-1 has been found to be most suitable nutrient application method under rainfed condition for sustainable soil health and groundnut yield..


  • Seed to seed mechanized groundnut production technologies: Decordication, sowing, harvesting and stripping process
  • Seed drill sowing and power weeding of rice, redgram, blackgram and greengram