Agro Climate Research Centre

About Department

Agro Climate Research Centre (previously known as Department of Agricultural Meteorology) was established on 9th November 1998 with the specific aim of doing research on weather in relation to agriculture and allied sectors viz., crop production meteorology (crop-weather studies), micrometeorology, aerobic meteorology, hydrometeorology, soil climatology, forest meteorology, horticultural meteorology, animal meteorology, seed meteorology and other related subjects. The other aim is to strengthen the agro meteorological education in the State of Tamil Nadu.

The Agromet advisory service based on location specific weather forecast for Tamil Nadu is being made in order to reduce weather vagaries in farming in collaboration with India Meteorological Department, other national or international agencies and communicated through different mass medias to farmers and other stake holders of Tamil Nadu. The Department was renamed as Agro Climate Research Centre (ACRC) from June 2007 with multidisciplinary faculties, in order to provide manpower to the Agromet division of India Meteorological Department (IMD), TNAU, ICAR, SAU’s, National service organizations and corporate sector for the benefit of research and extension activities.


  • Strengthen the agricultural meteorological science through education and research activities relevant to the Tamil Nadu state and India.
  • Acts as center for the different agromet observatories of TNAU
  • Provide weather forecast and weather based agro advisories to the farmers


  • To strengthen the agricultural meteorology education in the State of Tamil Nadu and to provide manpower to the national and international meteorological organizations.
  • To reduce the weather based risk of farmers with precised long range, medium range and shorterm forecast
  • To develop climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies