Agro Climate Research Centre

Ongoing Projects





 1 Climate Smart Organic Farming in Rice 2019 – 2021 Dr. SP. Ramanathan

Dr. E. Somasundaram, SOA

Dr. S. Kokilavani

 2 Agronomic practices for microclimate modification in groundnut + redgram 2019 – 2021 Dr. SP. Ramanathan

Dr. NK Sathyamoorthy

ACRC, ARS, BSR & CRS, Aliyar

 3 Crop Simulation Model studies on the impact of climate variability on millets 2019 – 2021 Dr. NK Sathyamoorthy

Dr. S. Kokilavani

Dr. SP. Ramanathan

 4 Developing TNAU’s village level medium range forecast with higher accuracy. 2019 – 2021 Dr. Ga. Dheebakaran

Dr. KP. Ragunath, RS & GIS

 5 Developing hybrid weather forecast by integrating the numerical and astrometeorological forecast 2019 – 2021 Dr. Ga. Dheebakaran

Dr. SP. Ramanathan

Dr. S. Kokilavani

 6 Piloting pulse produce support system through ICT enabled services 2019 – 2021 Dr. Ga. Dheebakaran
 7 Enhancing the predictability of location specific seasonal rainfall for Tamil Nadu 2019 – 2021 Dr. S. Kokilavani

Dr. V. Geethalakshmi, DCM

Dr. N.K.Sathyamoorthy

8 Impact of microclimate modification on the performance of cross bred animals 2019 – 2021 Dr. N. Maragatham

Dr. Thirunavukkarasu, VAS