Crop Physiology Future Strategies

Crop Physiology - Future strategies

  1. Physiological interventions for enhanced crop yield and quality
  • Developing nutrient and PGR based consortia to enhance the productivity and quality of major crops
  • Developing remedial measures for managing physiological and nutritional disorders in crops
  • Postharvest physiological studies for enhancing the shelf life and quality.
  1. Physiological approaches for stress management
  • Phenotyping germplasm for drought and submergence tolerance in crops
  • Physiological dissection of salt, temperature and light stress tolerance in crops
  • Physiological approaches for mitigation of drought, high temperature and salt stress
  • Physiological basis for disease/pest resistance in crops
  1. Physiological interventions for breaking yield ceiling in food crops by increasing Photosynthetic efficiency
  • Understanding the photosynthetic properties of model crops in cereals and pulses under varied stress conditions and temperatures in relation to biomass production.
  • Exploiting the physiological traits for improving photosynthetic efficiency in crops
  1. Understanding the physiology of root system and environment interaction
  • Identifying root traits contributing to plant productivity in major food crops
  • Exploring the role of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in root system functioning.
  • Identification of root traits and signaling influencing the acquisition of mineral elements.