Crop Physiology Other Department Specific Facilities

Field facilities

Glass house

Pot culture studies pertaining to screening and evaluation of different crops for higher photosynthetic efficiency and abiotic stresses and experiments to test verify the role of nutrients, hormones and bio-stimulants in various crops are conducted. A DBT sponsored Flood Screening facility is available to screen various agricultural and horticultural crops for submergence tolerance.

Rain Out Shelter

The Department has a Rain out shelter that can be quickly rain-proofed or ventilated with a movable and motorised shutters. The rainout shelters are used for drought experiments by excluding natural precipitation. Physiological mechanisms underlying drought tolerance and screening for drought in major crops is undertaken with this facility.

Open Top Chamber (OTC)

The Department has five OTCs equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring control and wireless signal transmission facilities with SCADA integration technology. Resistance Temperature Detectors measure the temperature inside the chambers with the help of infrared heaters. The Relative Humidity is sensed by humidity sensor. Studies related to screening breeding progenies and advanced generation of agriculturally important crops for high temperature stresses and other climate change research are carried out using this facility.

Students Centre

A separate room for students with compendium of thesis submitted by the PG and Ph.D students of this Department is available. Recent books and periodicals on Abiotic stress Physiology, Nutrio-Physiology, Molecular Physiology and Hormonal Physiology purchased using ICAR and UGC funds are made available to all students of this Department. The library has computers connected to high speed internet connectivity and also loaded with packages on statistical tools and bioinformatics platforms for research activities.