Crop Physiology Technologies Developed

Crop Physiology - Technologies Developed

  • Foliar spray of 2% MAP + 1% KCl at Panicle Initiation (PI) and 10 days after first spray to improve grain filling rate and yield in all rice varieties.
  • Root feeding of TNAU Coconut Tonic two times @ 200 ml/tree at six months interval in coconut increases chlorophyll content and greenness of leaves, improves photosynthetic efficiency, decreases button shedding and increases nut yield up to 20 per cent.
  • Foliar spray of TNAU Pulse Wonder @ 1% at flowering stage decreases flower shedding and increases yield up to 20 per cent apart from improving drought tolerance
  • Foliar spray of  TNAU Groundnut Rich @ 1% at peak flowering  and pod development stages enhances flower retention, improves pod filling and increases pod yield up to 15 per cent with better drought tolerance.
  • Foliar spray of TNAU Cotton Plus @ 1.25% at flowering and boll formation stages reduces flower and square shedding, improves boll bursting, increases seed cotton yield up to 18 per cent and improves drought tolerance.
  • Foliar spray of TNAU Maize Maxim @ 1.5% at tassel initiation and grain filling stages improves grain filling, increases grain yield up to 20 per cent and improves drought tolerance.
  • Foliar spray of TNAU Sugarcane Booster @ 0.5, 0.75 and 1% at 45, 60 and 75 days after planting enhances cane growth and weight, improves internodal length, increases cane yield up to 20 per cent and enhances drought tolerance.
  • Foliar spray of Brassinolide @ 0.3 ppm at panicle initiation and flowering stages increases the grain yield in rice.
  • Induction of salt tolerance in rice by seed soaking @ 200 mM NaCl for 16 hours.
  • Induction of Male Sterility in TGMS lines of rice with salicylic acid @ 800 ppm.
  • Foliar spray of salicylic acid @ 100 ppm increases the yield of soybean, green gram, sesame and groundnut.
  • Improving the yield and quality of cotton with foliar spray of Brassinolide @ 0.1 ppm
  • Foliar spray of Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) at 20 ppm concentration (280 g NAA in 625 litres of water per ha) and Foliar spray of boric acid @ 0.2 % (2g/l of water) on the 30th and 60th day of sowing to capitulum at ray floret opening stage improves seed set and seed filling in sunflower.
  • Foliar spray of DAP @ 2% at flowering stage increases sunflower yield in kharif season.
  • Seed hardening in ragi with KCl @ 1% + CaCl2@ 1% increases the grain yield under stress conditions.