Sustainable Organic Agriculture

About Department


To undertake research, teaching and extension activities on sustainable organic agriculture through interdisciplinary approach and to involve in production and quality assessment of bio inputs and organic products.


This Department was established on 28.5.2013 for promotion of research on sustainable organic agriculture with the following objectives.

  • To conduct basic, applied and strategic research on organic agriculture
  • To study soil health, biodiversity and conservation for ecosystem balance
  • To develop crop based eco-friendly technologies for sustainable productivity of crops
  • To provide syllabus and curriculum for organic agricultural education
  • To provide analytical and farm advisory services on sustainable organic agriculture
  • To disseminate knowledge through extension programmes for the transfer of technologies

Farmers smile

  • Integrated Organic Farming System (IOFS) Model
  • Pest Repellent Cafeteria with more than 100 herbal diversity
  • Practical learning facility to undertake sustainable organic agriculture
  • Hands on training on preparation and use of organic inputs

Recent Events

Paid training on 7th of every month since August 2015 (more than 60 trainings) to impart knowledge on organic agriculture to farmers, NGOs, stakeholders and general public.

XIII Annual Group Meeting of All India Network Programme on Organic Farming, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during 27-29 November, 2018.

Training on organic agriculture and input preparation at TNAU-KVK’s viz., Santhiyur, Sirugamani and Madurai for the benefit of farmers from 15 different districts of the state.

Five days training programme on analytical methodology in LCMS from 17-21, June 2019

Research Partners

ICAR-IIFSR, GOI-NMSA, SPC-TANII, TNOCD, TAFE, State Agriculture and Horticulture Departments.

Feature line of research

  • Development of SOP for major Agricultural and Horticultural crops
  • Validation of ITK’s in Organic Agriculture
  • Geo-referenced characterization of organic farms in Tamil Nadu
  • Low-input Organic Farming / Natural farming
  • Development of quality standards for organic inputs and produces
  • Supporting export of organic produces through market inteligence