Veterinary and Animal Sciences About Department


Department of Animal Husbandry,  established in  October 1972 and renamed as Veterinary and Animal Sciences in April, 2010. The main objective  is to impart fundamental education on Livestock and Poultry Production to the undergraduate students.  Maintaining modern instructional livestock and poultry farm. Serving as a model integrated farming unit of the University. Assisting the post graduate student of Agriculture on Livestock and Poultry oriented research programme. Indulging in inter departmental collaborating research project. Facilitating laboratory animal maintenance.  Serving the public by treating and inseminating the cattle in the veterinary hospital, assisting in maintenance, breeding and disease prevention of livestock and poultry farms maintained by other departments of TNAU.


  • Importing knowledge of Livestock and Poultry the Under Graduate and Post Graduate students.
  • Assisting Livestock and Poultry related research projects of the University.


  1. Upgrading desi goat germ plasm with Tellicherry breed
  2. To establish a modern feed mixing unit.
  3. To produce pure germ plasm of Large White Yorkshire piglets.
  4. To establish a hatchery unit.
  5. To establish native and fancy chicken unit.


  1. Farm to Fork
  2. To alleviate protein hunger


  1. To impart basic education about livestock and poultry production to the undergraduate students.
  2. Establishing and maintain modern livestock and poultry farms
  3. Serving as a model mixed farming unit and integrated farming unit of the university to the needs of students and farmers.
  4. Motivating and assisting the post graduate students of Agriculture towards the animal oriented research
  5. Facilitating research projects of other faculties.
  6. Facilitating laboratory animal maintenance.