Estate Office

Er.S.Srinivasan, Executive Engineer & Estate Officer i/c, he is the controlling officer of the Estate Office.

Estate Office consists of five wings

The  Civil section look over the infrastructure development in the university campus which involves construction of major buildings in side the main campus and  maintenance of all buildings.

Two numbers of Assistant Executive Engineers Er.S.Chellammal (al) Vatchala and Er.G.Ravichandran are engaged to look over all the construction and maintenance works in main campus.

The Mechanical section involves in the following works,

  1. Water Supply: Distribution of sirivani water and ground water to the office buildings and staff quarters. Attending water supply pipelines repair and maintenance works in the office building and staff quarters
  2. Motor Vehicle: Allotment of buses for students study tour programme, Allotment of Car for VVIP during their visit, Purchase of vehicles, motor vehicles maintenance works
  3. Sewage Treatment plant: Sewage water treatment and supply of treated water to the garden irrigation,  forage crops and Field No.68.

Er.K.Rameshkumar, Assistant Engineer (Mech) is the head of this section.

The Electrical Section involved in the following works

  1. Electrical Installation works for the newly constructed buildings inside the main campus and outstations.
  2. Providing uninterrupted power supply arrangements to the office buildings and meeting hall during the VVIP function, Department Function, Students Function, Alumini/Batch meet etc
  3. Maintenance of transformers, Generators and Telephone exchange located at RI Building and Centenary Building.
  4. Attending day today maintenance works in the office buildings and staff quarters.
  5. Arrangements of Public Address system during the VVIP Function, Department Function, Students Function, Alumini/Batch meet etc.

Er.S.Chellppa, Assistants Executive Engineer (Electrical) is the head of this section, under him one number of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Er.R.Balasumbramanian is engaged to look over the main campus electrical installation and maintenance works in the office buildings and staff quarters,etc,.

The Drawing Branch involves in the online/offline tender connected works related to Civil Works and Electrical Works.

Th.K.Ravimoorthy and A.Kavitha are the Draughting Officers involves in the online/offline tender works for the preparation of tender related documents for the civil and electrical works.

The Account Section lookover all the bill settlement works related to the civil works, electrical works, purchase of vehicles, etc and Account maintenance of accounts.

 Tmt .K.Pushpa, Assistant Account Officer is the head of this section under her one number of Superintendent, three numbers of Assistant and one number of Junior Assistant cum Typist were engaged to lookover all the Account maintenance and bill settlement works.

Name of the Office : Estate Officer, TNAU, Coimbatore-641003.

S.No Name of the employee Designation Mobile no.of the individual Email ID Photo
1 Er.S.Srinivasan Executive Engineer &                                                 Estate Officer i/c. 7010321632
2 Er.R.Balathandapani Executive Engineer (Civil) 9842285834
3 Tmt. S.Chellammal (al) Vatchala Asst.Exe. Engineer (Civil) 9486772916
4 Er.S.Chellappa Asst.Exe.Engineer (Electrical) 9488166811
5 Er.G.Ravichandran Asst.Exe. Engineer (Civil) 9442177328
6 Er.K.Rameshkumar Assistant Engineer (Mech.) 9171007999
7 Er.R.Balasubramanian Assistant Engineer (Elec.) 9630922333