Spices and Plantation Crops Ongoing Schemes

Ongoing University Research Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project Funded by PI Period
1 HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2019/003

Standardization of packaging for curry leaf for export.

Spices Main Dr. N. Shoba

Professor (Hort.)

January 2020


December 2022

2 CPPS/CBE/PAT/SPC/2019/001

Enumeration of Mycoflora Associated with Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) Seeds, their deteriorative effects and management

AICRP- Spices Dr. S.Sundravadana

Asst. Prof. (Plant Pathology)

September  2019


March 2022

3 HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2019/002

Effect of fertigation on growth and productivity of tall varieties of coconut

Spices Main Dr. K. Venkatesan

Professor (Hort.)

October 2019


September 2022

4 HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2019/004

Evaluation of combined effect of micronutrients and fungicides to control leaf spot in curry leaf (Murraya koenigii Spreng)

Spices-  Main Dr. M. Mohanalakshmi

Asst.Prof. (Hort.)

December 2019


November 2021

5 HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2019/001

Standardization of on farm decomposition technology for cocoa leaf and pod husk waste

Spices Main Dr. V. Jegadeeswari

Asst. Prof. (Hort.)

October 2019


September 2022

Core Project

S. No. Title of the Project Funded by PI Period
1. HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2018/CP144

Studies on in stitu decomposition of Coconut boles and roots retained in the soil

TNAU Dr. S. Balakrishnan

Professor and Head

2. HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2018/CP020

Year around organic production of coriander for greens in shade net house

3. HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2018/CP083

Effect of bio-stimulants and growth regulators on growth, yield and quality of coriander (Coriander sativum) and fenugreek (Trigonella – gracecum)

TNAU Dr. A. Ramar

Professor (Hort.)