List of University Research Projects in Horticultural Crops

S. No. Name Name and Number of URP (including Core Projects) in progress Project Period
1. Dr. S. Subramaniam





Effect of foliar application of humic acid and silisic acid on growth, yield and quality of marigold (Tagetus erecta) cv. coimbatore local yellow

Oct 2017 – Oct 2020
2. HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2013/001

Evaluation of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) genotypes under coconut eco system.


April 2013  Mar 2015
3. Dr. T. Sumathi


HC & RI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2018/001


Evaluation of remunerative intercrops through farmer participatory approach for sustainable income to oilpalm growers

June 2018 to March 2021
4. HC & RI/CBE/HOR/VEG/2019/003


Screening of rootstocks for drought tolerance and uniformity in moringa  (Moringa oleifera)


October 2019 to September 2022

Department of Fruit Science

5. Dr. M. Aneesa Rani


HCRI/CBE/HOR/ FRU/2020/001

Development of a dwarf gyno-dioecious papaya variety through induced mutagenesis and selection from segregating OP progenies

October 2019- September 2022
6. Dr. C. Kavitha



Standardization of in vitro mass propagation protocol by micrografting in grapes (Vitis vinifera L.)

May, 2014 to April, 2018
7. HCRI/CBE/HOR/FRU/2015/008

Standardization of integrated nutrient management practice for enhancing productivity and quality in grape (Vitis vinifera L.) var. Red Globe

June 2015 to May 2018
8. HCRI/CBE/HOR/FRU/2018/CP142

Studies on the effect of ozonated water on post harvest quality, shelf life and pesticide residues in grape cv. Muscat Hamburg

9. Dr. D. Vidhya



HCRI/CBE/HOR/ FRU/2013/003

Improvement of guava (Psidium guajava) through selection and inter-varietal hybridization

July, 2013 to July, 2021
Department of Vegetable Science
10. Dr. T. Saraswathi



Performance evaluation of garlic genotypes grown in open field and poly house condition for yield and quality

Nov 2017 to Oct  2019
11. Dr.V. Rajashree



Development of F1 hybrids in Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duch. ex Poir.) for high yield and high carotene content

March 2019- March 2021
12. Dr. H. Usha Nandhini Devi




Screening of chilli germplasm for yield, quality and tolerance to Leaf Curl Virus

Core Project : HCRI/CBE/HOR/VEG/2018/CP079

Performance assessment of climate resilient F1 hybrids in chilli (Capsicum annuum.L) for drought tolerance and yield

Jan 2016-Nov 2019







Nov 2018-Mar 2020

13. Dr. K. Shoba Thingalmanian



HCRI/ CBE /HOR/VEG/2019/001

URP No. 897

Development of high yielding F1 hybrids with yellow vein mosaic virus (YVMV) and  enation leaf curl virus resistance (ELCV ) resistance in bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench

January 2019- August 2024
14. Dr. B.K. Savitha



HCRI/ CBE /HOR/VEG/2019/004


Evaluation and selection of locally preferred genotypes  for Western zone of Tamil Nadu

December 2019- November 2021

Department of Spices and Plantation crops

15. Dr. S. Balakrishnan




Year round organic production of coriander for greens in shade net house

16. HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2018/CP144

Studies on in situ decomposition  of coconut boles and roots retained in the soil

17. Dr. N. Shoba




Standardization of packaging for curry leaf for export

January 2020 to

December 2022

18. HCRI/CBE/HOR/SPC/2014/003 Germplasm collection, evaluation and assessment of curry leaf genotypes for yield and quality parameters Curry leaf June 2014 to

May 2018

19. Dr. A. Ramar




Effect of bio-stimulants and growth regulators on growth, yield and quality of coriander (Coriandrum sativum) and fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

20. Dr.K.Venkatesan HCRI/CBE/ HOR/ SPC/2019/002

Effect of fertigation on growth, yield and productivity of tall varieties of coconut

October 2019- September 2022
21. Dr. M. Mohanalakshmi



HCRI/CBE/ HOR/ SPC/2019/004

Evaluation of combined effect of micronutrients and fungicides to control leaf spot in curry leaf (Murraya koenigi Spreng).

December 2019 to

November 2021

22. Dr. V. Jegadeeswari



HCRI/CBE/ HOR/ SPC/2019/001

New Standardization of protocol for on farm decomposition of cocoa leaf litter and pod waste

May 2019 to

Nov. 2021

Department of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

23. Dr .K. Rajamani





Development of micro tuber technology for  cost effective multiplication of quality planting material in Gloriosa superba

Oct’ 2018 to Mar’ 2019


24. Dr. M. Ganga



HCRI/CBE/HOR/ FLO/2017/002


Evaluation and clonal selection in underutilized jasmine species


Sep 2017


Aug 2020

25. New – Evaluation and clonal selection in Jasminum multiflorum to identify viable types for commercial cultivation Mar 2019


Feb 2022

26. Dr. P. Aruna



Core Project: HCRI/CBE/HOR/FLO/2018/CP146

Standardization of pro tray technology for tuberose mass multiplication using bulblets


Department of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops

27. Dr. J. Suresh




Standardization of propagation technique for java tea (Orthosiphon stamineus L.)

December 2019  to

October 2021

28. Dr. L. Nalina




Characterization and evaluation of Gymnema sylvestreR.Br


Jan’2016 to Jan’2019
29. HCRI/CBE/HOR/MED/2019/001

Identification of high yielding genotype in gymnema for high yield and quality


September 2019 to August 2022
30. HCRI/CBE/HOR/MED/2019/002

Evaluation of promising varieties of palmarosa for high biomass and essential oil content under Tamil Nadu conditions


September 2019 to August 2022
31. Dr. S. Padmapriya




Standardization of grafting and cutting methods in guava (Psidium guajava L.) for commercial multiplication

32. Dr.I.Geethalakshmi




Induced  mutagenesis for improving the biomass in senna                 (Cassia angustifolia)

Jan’ 2018 to Feb’ 2021

List of External Funded Projects operated

S.No. Schemes Year Allocation of Fund

(in lakhs)

1. ICAR-Sweet Tamarind 2004-2008 8.56
2. Bio- Efficacy 2005-2007 2.66
3. Mahamaya 2006-2008 2.66
4. IPI-PAPAYA 2007-2008 4.18
5. NABARD 2007-2008 4.44
6. PRSV 2007-2009 2.30
7. Boom Flower 2007-2008 0.40
8. Mycoplex in Banana 2008-2009 2.75
9. Seaweed extract 2008 – 09 1.25
10. NADP Scheme 2008-2010 4.63
11. MFPI Waste Utilization 2008-2010 24.50
12. NHM-Model Nurseery 2008-2010 20.92
13. Cypress 2008-2010 10.00
14. NAIP – Flowers 2008-2014 486.30
15. Smart Fresh Mango 2008-2010 3.30
16. NAIP-Mango 2009-2012 103.17
17. Syngenta 2010-2011 2.47
18. PAPAYA-DUS 2011-2017 33.58
19. NHB – Nursery scheme 2011-2016 42.25
20. NHM-TANHODA 2011-2012 0.50
21. ICAR-Flagship Programme 2014-2016 19.64
22. GOI-MIDH 2015-2016 16.16
12. NHM-Model Nurseery 2008-2010 20.92


817.54 lakhs

Externally funded projects

HC & RI, Coimbatore

S.No. Title of the Project Funded by Budget

( Rs in lakhs)

1. Kraft foods/ HC&RI/ CBE/ SPC/2013/R001 Sustainable cocoa production in Tamil Nadu, India Cadbury India Ltd. 249.00 2013 – 2018
2. DST/HCRI/CBE/SPC/2014/D002

Improvement of science and technology infrastructure in higher educational institutions

DST-FIST 52.00 2014-2019
3. GOI-CSS-NHM Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture DASD,Calicut 14.39 2016-2017
4. NADP (RKVY) scheme- Promotion of Organic cultivation for quality black pepper production from Kolli hills of Tamil Nadu GOI and Govt. of Tamil Nadu


10.69 2016-2017
5. Farmers training programme entitled Improved techniques in cocoa cultivation GOI- DCCD, Kochi 4.50 2014-2017
6. AICRP on spices- Project mode – Nutmeg crop improvement ICAR – AICRP, IISR, Kozhikode 1.00 2016-2017
                                                                                Total 331.58

Department of vegetable Crops, HC & RI,

S. No. Scheme Total

(Rs in lakhs)

1 GOI – DST – SERC – Fast Track-Young scientist scheme on Molecular tagging of genes for shoot and fruit borer resistance in brinjal and developing tools for marker assisted selection (E.28PG) 13.68 OPA-15 407 SCAR marker monitoring resistance for FSB was identified and this marker was tested in the  Solanum viarum gene introgressed lines
2 Private Agencies – ICAR 31 FULLY Finance scheme – Emeritus scientist scheme Identification of (Moringa oleider Lam) genotypes  with high seed oil for industrial exploitation (C 31QG) 4.54 20 moringa genotypes were identified for high oil extraction
3 E-GOI-DST Standardization of grafting techniques in cucumber (Cucumis sativus) to mitigate root knot nematode and soil borne diseases (E 28 UK) 22.10 Cucurbita maxima was identified as suitable root stock for cucumber and  grafting techniques were  standardized
4 DBT scheme on Demonstration and Popularization of perennial horticultural crops under rainfed cultivation for nutritional security to mitigate malnutrition, better livelihood and upliftment of tribal farmers in western ghats of Tamil Nadu (E28UE) 19.70 Established orchards to six beneficiary farmers. Mandatory trainings conducted
5 NADP – Capacity building of extension officials to transfer hybrid seed production technologies in Vegetable Crops (Tomato and Okra) to improve the entrepreneurial skill for uplifting the socio economic status of rural farmers  (M28BS) 9.70 Training on hybrid seed production techniques of tomato and okra was imparted to 70 extension officials
6 GOI-SERB Scheme on Molecular tagging of root rot Macrophomina phaseolina  (E 28 VZ) 10.00 Root stock for brinjal was standardized for root rot disease resistance
7 NADP – BD Farmers participatory approach for maximizing the profit of pandal  vegetables  (M- NADP BD) 17.25 20 trainings, 10 field days, 10 demonstration were conducted to impart technologies of cucurbit cultivation
8 Private Agency (World community service centre, Aliyarnagar)

Bio – Electromagnetic energy as new paradigm in improving soil health, crop productivity and drought resistance (F 37 adv)

4.32 Bio Electromagnetic energy with panchakavya recorded highest yield/ plant
9 ICAR Emeritus Scientist Scheme entitled on  Standardization of ultra high density planting system for organic leaf production in moringa and nutrient encapsulation through nano-technological approach to fortify the milk (1021-C21UH) 18.94 Organic protocol for UHDP for moringa was standardized, neutraceuticals were estimated and encapsulation and nano fortification in cow milk  is in progress.

Dept. of Floriculture & Landscape Architecture

S. No. Project Number & Title Funding agency Budget out lay

(Rs. in lakhs)

1. Value chain on flowers for domestic and export markets ICAR – NAIP & World Bank, GOI, New Delhi,

Nov. 2008 to June 2014

2. PPV/HCRI/FLS/CBE/2014/R001 –

Validation of DUS testing guidelines for jasmine

PPV&FRA , Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, New Delhi

– Since 2011

3. E- GOI – C-DAC- Blossoming and quality testing of jasmine flowers using electronic nose technology (E28 VT) C DAC (K), MCIT, Kolkata

– April 2013 to March 2015

4 ICAR/EM/HCRI/CBE/FLS/2016/R003 – Interspecific hybridization and grafting in jasmine for off-season flowering and flower quality ICAR – Extramural project

– January 2016 to March 2017

5. ICAR- EM/HCRI/CBE/FLS/2016/ R004 – Standardization of extraction methods and quantification of bio-colourants from potential ornamental flowers ICAR – Extramural project

– January 2016 to March 2017

6 GOI-DST ‘Testing of varieties of Anthurium and Crossandra’ (Scheme code: E28 AA) GOI-DST

– 2016 to 2017

7. SERB Suitability of salinity tolerance in French marigold through conventional ad molecular approaches for landscaping GOI-DST- SERB



Dept. of Medicinal plants

S.No. Title of the scheme Sponsoring agency Period Budget

(Rs. in Lakhs.)

1. Production of elite planting materials of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi 2004-2007 30.00 Nursery infra structure developed for production of quality planting material
2. Coconut based intercropping of medicinal plants. 2005-2008 12.00 Adhatoda vasica, Alpinia calcarata  and Costus wer promising species
3. Standardization of post harvest techniques for Phyllanthus amarus, Tinospora cordifolia and Coleus forskohlii 2006-2008 15.00 Package for drying and storage techniques for  these three species developed
4. Development of Good Agricultural practices on Catharanthus roseus 2008-2010 4.00 GAP protocol for periwinkle developed
5. Participatory Research to improve productivity of Gloriosa superba Alchem International Ltd, New Delhi 2007-2010 10.00 Pollination method & fertigation schedule for seed yield and tuber multiplication standardised
6. Standardization of cost effective rapid multiplication in Glory lily lily (Gloriosa superba) NMPB, New Delhi 2008-2011 24.00 Protocol  for tuber multiplication from seed developed
Total     : Rs. 95.00lakhs