Administrative Building

Infrastructure of KVK, Cuddalore

KVK – Cuddalore has well equipped infrastructure facilities for meeting the mandates of the centre. Salient features of such facilities are furnished below.

Administrative building

The administrative building was build in 1991 with the plinth area of 39.45 m. sq. It consists of nine rooms for various purpose like office administration, staff rooms, information hub, server room etc., incorporated to meet the requirements of  KVK activities.

KVK, Vriddhachalam, Cuddalore district KVK – Adminstrative building

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall was build in 1998 with the plinth area of 224.32 m. sq. This seminar room is fully media equipped like OHP projector, internet connectivity, mike, speaker etc. It can comfortably seat 200.  On campus Trainings, Farmers meeting, Zonal Workshop, etc. are being conducted using this seminar hall.