Custom Hiring Centre



  • To make available various farm machinery / equipments to small and marginalw farmers To offset the adverse economies of scale due to high cost of individual ownership.
  • To improve mechanization in places with low farm power availability.
  • To provide hiring services for various agricultural machinery/implements appliedw for different operations.
  • To expand mechanized activities during cropping seasons in large areas especiallyw in small and marginal holdings.
  • To provide hiring services for various high value crop specific machines applied forw different operations.

The following implements are available at KVK, Vridhachalam, Cuddalore district for custom hiring by farmers.

Sl.No. Machinery name Purpose Hiring charges KVK implements photo
1 Post hole digger To dig holes for planting tree saplings (Cashew, jack, Mango etc.) Rs. 250/ hour
2 Farm waste shredder For decomposing and chopping farm waste Rs. 250/ hour
3 Laser guided land leveler For land leveling Rs. 250/ hour
4 Seed drill For sowing seeds (Groundnut, Sesame, Maize and pulses) Rs. 250/ hour


Note : The hire taking farmer is sole responsible for transporting of the hired Machineries from KVK to farmer field and farmer field to KVK. The transport charge has to be borne by the customer/farmer. The needy farmers may contact the Programme coordinator, KVK, Vridhachalam (Ph. No. 4143-238353, Email :