Demo Units

Vermicompost Unit

Vermicompost production units in Silpaulin method is establish in this Kendra with  the verms. The  vermicompost is  being  collected  at regular  intervals  and  sold  to the needed   person  and a part  is  utilize  in the  KVK farm  for  high quality  seedling  production.  Farmers are also being trained atperiodic intervals.

Azolla unit

We established an Azolla  production unit, in which  azolla  fern  is  being, cultivated  and harvested   frequently.  The  harvested  azolla   is sold  to the  farmers  or  utilized  as feed  material  for  poultry.

Mushroom Unit

A Mushroom unit was established for  demonstration as well  as  cultivation purposes. The   KVK,Vriddhachalam currently   cultivating Oyster  varietyPleutorus spp. The  unit  is  being  maintain d with  suitable  cooling  temperature and  hygienic nature.  The  unit  is  utilized  for also for  giving  vocational  training  on  mushroom cultivation.

Mushroom production unit

Mushroom cultivation trainings