IFS Project

Integrated Farming System (IFS) is the integration of various enterprises leads to the increase in production, sustainability, employment opportunities and reduce the socio-economic risks for the millions of small and marginal farmers which added account for a major share in Indian agriculture. Keeping in view, to overcome the ever increasing population and demand for food, fodder and fuel, the adoption of IFS models which suited to the different farming sectors is to be formulated and ensured the proper awareness towards the farming community.

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has accorded approval for project on Climate Resilient Integrated Wet Land Farming System (IFS) to Minimize Risk in Farming and to Accelerate the Farmers’ Income of Cuddalore District” under Farm sector Promotion Fund to be implemented through KVK, Cuddalore.

Name of the Project : Climate Resilient Integrated Wet Land Farming System (IFS) to Minimize Risk in Farming and to Accelerate the Farmers’ Income of Cuddalore District         
Location of the Project : KVK, Vriddhachalam
Phasing of the Project : Phase I
Date of Starting of the Project : 01.09.2021
Duration : Two years (2021-22 and 2022-2023)


  1. To develop and establish Climate Resilient Integrated Farming System for Wet land system for demonstration and training of the wet land and garden land farmers.
  2. To promote 15 climate resilient IFS units for improving the productivity, income, nutrient security and minimize risks in farming among the farmers of the Cuddalore district
  3. To facilitate the cross learning and best practices of IFS models among the farming community of Cuddalore district for improving income per unit area.

Expected Outputs

  • Training on Climate Resilient IFS will be given to five cluster farmers. Intensive training on Climate Resilient on IFS will be given to only selected 15 project farmers at RRS, Vriddhachalam.
  • Adoption of IFS components namely agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and other allied activities will be ensured.
  • 5 IFS farmers interest group will be formed in five clusters of Cuddalore district
  • Each block 50 farmers will be trained on IFS and totally 250 farmers in Cuddalore district will be trained on Climate Resilient IFS.
  • Climate resilient IFS model units will be demonstrated in 15 farmers field covering five blocks of Cuddalore district.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased double production, 1.5 times increased productivity and 200 per cent increase in income from the per unit area.
  • Increasing employment man days for the farm families and nearby agricultural labourers.
  • Effective utilization and recycling of farm resources for minimizing cost and risk in agriculture.
  • 200% of increased income realized by the farm families. This IFS model will ensure the increasing the productivity and double the farmers income from various integrated components.

Overall impacts

The following is the expected impact of the project

  • Overall impacts would be the doubling the farmers income thereby capacity of other non project farmers to adopt Climate Resilient integrated farming system model. The other measurable impact would be Minimizing the risk in wet land farming system, effective utilization of available resources, recycling of farm waste, increasing employment days in the villages, ensuring nutrient security at village level and enhancing the livelihood status of the farming community.

Activities Taken up by KVK, Vriddhachalam

Major activities of the scheme were

  • Community mobilization and organization, Group formation
  • Identification and demarcation of sites and capacity building
  • Land preparation and development of Climate Resilient IFS
  • Implementation of Climate Resilient IFS and midterm corrections
  • Training and capacity building
  • Monitoring the outcome of the project activities and harvesting
  • Monitoring and strategies for sustaining the IFS model and up scaling the IFS model in other areas

Activity photos

Selection of Area for digging Farm Pond
Digging of Farm Pond Distribution of Ducklings to the beneficiaries of Annagramam, Panruti and Kurinjipadi blocks
Distribution of Livestock components such as Sheep and Chicks to the beneficiaries of Annagramam, Panruti and Kurinjipadi blocks
Construction of Vermicompost and Azolla Unit at Srimushnam block beneficiary Installed Poultry shed unit at Srimushnam block beneficiary
Introduction of fish fingerlings into the farm pond