On Farm Trials

S.No. Title of intervention No. of trials Team members involved Photo
1 Assessment of suitable high yielding paddy variety for samba sowing in Dharmapuri district 5 Dr. M.A. Vennila

Dr. K.Kalai chelvi

Dr. P.Arunkumar

2 Assessment of  the performance of different microbial consortia in Paddy 5 Dr.K. Sivakumar

Dr.M.A. Vennila

3 Assessment of ragi varieties (ATL 1 & KMR-630 )suitability  for making extruded foods 5 Dr. M. Deivamani


4 Assessment of High Yielding Groundnut Varieties  Resistant to Rust Disease in Dharmapuri district 5 Dr.K.Sasikumar

Dr. M.A. Vennila

5 Assessment of CHCLV resistant hybrids Arka Saanvi and COCH1 Chilli in Dharmapuri district 5 Dr.M.Deivamani

Dr. M.A. Vennila

6 Assessment of yellow vein mosaic virus resistant Arka Nikitha and COH4 Bhendi hybrids in Dharmapuri district 5 Dr. M.A.Vennila


7 Study the Incorporation ratio of tapioca flour in the bakery foods 10 Dr.K.Sasikumar


7 Assessment on Probeads-EC as an alternative to antibiotics to reduce early chicks mortality in Native chickens 10 Dr.R.Thangadurai

Dr. M.A. Vennila

Assessment on feed supplementations to improve productivity in lambs and kids 10 Dr.R.Thangadurai

Dr. M.A.Vennila