Diagnostic Visits

S.No. Crop Problems identified Follow up action undertaken (recommendations/ trainings/method demo./extension material supplied)
1. Cotton Stem weevil damage Basal application Neem cake @ 500kg/ha
2. Ground


Leaf miner light trap@1/ha

Spraying with Profenophos@3ml/lit

3. Banana Banana bunch top disease Foliar spray with Imidacloprid 2ml/lit of water to control the vector
4. Poly


Cucumber   mosaic Foliar spray with Imidacloprid 2ml/lit of water to control the vector
5. Banana Banana Potassium deficiency Spraying of 1% KCl solution
6. Rice Rice thrips Foliar spray with Spinosad@160ml/ha
7. Pulses Green gram Spodotera damage Phromone trap@5/ha



8. Rice Sheath blight damage Seed Treatment with TNAU Pf 1liquid formulation @ 10   ml/kg of seeds

Seedling root dipping with TNAU Pf 1liquid formulation (500 ml for one hectare seedlings)

9. Rice Leaf folder damage Spray coragen@120ml/ha
10. Sorghum Smut damage Seed treatment with Carboxin (Vitavax) @ 2g/kg or Captan/Thiram 4g/kg of seed.
11. Cotton Mealy bug damage Profenophos@3ml/lit
12. Maize  Cutworm problem Awareness campaign conducted

Egg collection, Spraying with Chlorophyriphos 3ml/litre of water

Setting  up the light trap

13. Jasmine Whitefly Installation of yellow sticky traps @ 5/acre and Spraying with NSKE 5 %
14. Pulses Sphingid Spraying with Chlorphyriphos @ 3 ml/ litres
15. Paddy Rice blast and rice leaf folder Foliar application @ 5g/l of Beauveria bassianatwice at 15 days interval Spray any one of the following insectcides: Chlorpyriphos 20 EC 1250 ml/ha

Cartap Hydrochloride 50 % SP 1000 g/ha Chlorantraniliprole 18.5% SC 150 g/ha Chlorantraniliprole 0.4% G 10 kg/ha