Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), AC& RI, Madurai is situated in the Periyar- Vaigai Command area.  This region is located in the southern agro-climatic zone of Tamil Nadu. The geographical extent of Madurai is 3741.73, contributing 2.9 per cent of the geographical area of Tamil Nadu State. There are two Revenue divisions and 13 Blocks in the district. Madurai district is classified under the climatic zone of Southern Plateau and Hill Region, in the country. Normally tropical climate prevails over the district without any sharp variation. The average annual rainfall of the district is 950 mm. The major portion of the rainfall is received during North –East Monsoon.  The district is basically agrarian and agriculture is the main occupation. The land under forest is 50,452 ha, with 1, 38,055 ha under Gross Cropped Area.  Gross Irrigated Area is 69,690 ha, i.e., 48 per cent to gross cropped area with 13,616 tanks.  Out of 2.48 lakh dairy animals in the district, white and black cattle stood at 2.15 and 0.33 lakh respectively.