Extension Activities

The KVK is actively involved in participating and organizing various extension activities on the basis of individual, smaller group and mass approach to benefit large number of its stake holders. Our extension programmes act as source of effective communication in the latest agricultural technologies in the shortest period of time. These extension activities are also organized in collaboration with other organization. These activities include seminars, field days, melas, exhibitions, farm science club, farmers- scientist interaction programme, scientist visit to farmer’s field, agro clinic, video/film show, celebration of globally important days, farm advisory services, veterinary clinics, publication etc. The KVK regularly publish the quarterly news letter in tamil ‘Pasumai’ in which acts as a source of technology dissemination. KVK regularly publishes popular articles and extension literatures such as leaflets, booklets etc.

For effective dissemination of new technologies to the farmers the KVK has an instructional farm with demonstration units on Vermicomposting, mushroom production, Agricultural nursery, fodder crops unit etc. Farmers are encouraged to visit the units.