Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

Front Line Demonstrations – 2021 – 22

S.No. Crop/ Enterprise Title
1. Rice Demonstration of   short duration rice variety, CO 54
2. Rice Demonstration of medium duration rice variety, ADT 54
3. Rice Demonstration of  rice VGD 1 seed production through farmers participatory approach
4. Rice Demonstration of rice TRY 4 in sodic soil
5. Sorghum Demonstration of   sorghum, CO 32
6. Varagu Demonstration of  Varagu,  ATL 1
7. Black gram Demonstration of  high yielding and MYVM resistant blackgram, VBN 11 with ICM
8. Cotton Demonstration of cotton, CO 17
9. Groundnut Demonstration of  groundnut, BSR 2 with PPFM spray
10. Fodder sorghum Demonstration of  fodder sorghum, CO (FS) 31
11. Rice Demonstration of modified drum seeder  in rice
12. Rice Demonstration of Zn solubilizing bacteria in rice
13. Rice Demonstration of humic acid application in rice
14. Maize Demonstration of detopping technique in maize
15. Groundnut Demonstration of soil application of biochar for enhanced yield in groundnut
16. Onion Demonstration of aggregatum onion variety, CO  6 with ICM
17. Coriander Demonstration of coriander, CO  (CR) 4 with ICM
18. Brinjal Demonstration on brinjal pre release culture HD – 10-6-5-3 as MDU 2
19. Moringa Demonstration of High Density Planting with moringa, PKM -1 under drip irrigation
20. Manathakkali Demonstration of Manathakkali (Solanum nigrum) CO 1
21. Pulses Demonstration of TNAU Sweet Flag 6 EC against  Pulse beetle
22. Rice Demonstration of management techniques for false smut in rice
23. Red gram Demonstration of IPM module for pod borer complex in redgram
24. Groundnut Demonstration of IPDM in groundnut
25. Wild boar management Demonstration of biorepellent for wild boar management
26. Drudgery reduction Demonstration of improved ring harvester
27. Nutritional security Development of nutri smart village model for nutritional security
28. Post harvest management Demonstration of Arka Herbi wash