On Farm Trials

The objective of On Farm Testing (OFT) is to test and evaluate the research findings of Research Stations at the farmer’s field and to refine and modify the technologies, if required for better adoption by farmers. It is confirmation of already proven research results under real farming situation. The KVK has been instrumented in brining up number of solutions to the problems related to farmers of Madurai District. Integrated Pest and disease management field crops, and horticulture crops and encouraging farm mechanization to minimize the production cost have been the important successful OFTs of KVK.

Trial undertaken during 2022 – 2023

S.No. Title
1. Assess the performance of nitrogenous fertilizer on higher yield of Paddy
2. Assessment of suitable Pearl millet variety for Madurai district
3. Assessment of nutrient management options in cotton
4. Assessing the performance of different micronutrient formulations in tomato
5. Assessment of brinjal varieties suitable for Madurai district
6. Assessment of coriander varieties suitable for Madurai district
7. Assessment of IPM for cotton mealybug
8. Assessing the ecofriendly management technique for tea mosquito bug in guava
9. Assessing the suitability of biofortified pearl millet variety for value addition
10. Assessment of groundnut varieties suitable for value addition