Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

Front line Demonstrations (2021-22)


Name of FLD


Demonstration of  ADT 54 paddy  seed production (foundation /certified) by farmer participatory mode


Demonstration of seed production technique in VGD 1 rice.


Demonstration of STCR –IPNS equations  for Rice under sodic soils of Pudukkottai district
   4.    Demonstration of  Traditional rice variety with Eco friendly management


Demonstration drought resistant Finger millet variety ATL 1
   6. Demonstration of INM  in multicut fodder  sorghum COFS  31
   7. Demonstration of Newly released  dual purpose Sorghum variety CO 32


Demonstration of  Blackgram   VBN 11
   9. Demonstration of  Blackgram   VBN 10
   10. Demonstration of Soil Moisture Indicator tool for scheduling of irrigation  in Sugarcane


Demonstration of Solanumnigrun CO1
   12. Demonstration of  Onion  CO6
   13. Demonstration of  Tapioca YTP 2
   14. Demonstration of IPM methods for the control of fall army worm (Spodoptera frugiperda) in maize.
   15. Demonstration of bio-agents for management wilt in tomato


Demonstration of Integrated pest and management strategies in aggregatum onion
   17. Demonstration on Nutri Garden 
   18. Demonstration of High fiber ready to use  (RTU) multi grain mix
   19. Demonstration of Sapota products to increase the income of the farm women
   20. Demonstration of Coconut processing and Value addition
   21. Introduction of improved backyard poultry bird
   22. Demonstration of fish culture in farm ponds
   23. Popularization and Demonstration of Small scale  Incubator  for  hatching desi chicken eggs under  backyard rearing