On Farm Trials

Details of OFT (2021-22):


Crop / Enterprise

       1.        Assessment  of weed  management practices in transplanted rice
       2.        Assessment of paper rolling sowing method with other planting  methods in rice
       3.        Assessment of growth enhancer for Chilly under salt affected soils of Pudukkottai District
       4.        Assessment of salt tolerant paddy  varieties for salt affected areas of Pudukottai District
       5.        Assessment  of  weed management  practices in maize
       6.        Assessment of YMV resistant Greengram variety suitable for Pudukkottai district
        7.        Assessment of suitable Bhendi hybrid  for pudukkottai district
       8.        Assessment of suitable cow pea for pudukkottai district
       9.        Assessment of microbial consortia for the management of panama  wilt nematode complex in banana
   10.    Assessment of Integrated disease management in groundnut
   11.    Assessment of iron rich dhal mix for addressing micronutrient  malnutrition among the vulnerable group
   12.    Impact of DEMIC price forecast in taking farming decisions 
   13.    Identification of efficient marketing channel for select crops