Scientific Advisory Committee

Constitution of SAC and SAC members(12th SAC conducted on 17.02.2021)




1 Vice Chancellor of SAU Dr. N. Kumar, Ph.D.,
Vice Chancellor,
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore


Zonal Project Director; Dr.Y.G. Prasad, Ph.D.,Director,
ICAR-ATARI, Zone X Hyderabad


Director of Extension Education Dr. M. Jawaharlal, Ph.D.,
Director of Extension Education,
TNAU, Coimbatore


Director/Head of the nearest ICAR Institute(Officials from) Director, NRCB, Trichy


Department of Agriculture Joint Director of Agriculture


Department of Horticulture Deputy Director of Horticulture, Pudukkottai


Department of Agrl. Engineering Executive Engineer, Pudukkottai


Department of Animal Husbandry Joint Director of Animal Husbandry, Pudukkottai


Department of Fisheries Assistant Director of Inland Fisheries, Trichy


Department of Sericulture District Inspector, Trichy


Department of Irrigation (PWD) Executive Engineer, Pudukkottai


Department of Forestry District Forest Officer, Pudukkottai


Department of Soil Conservation Professor and Head
SWMRI, Thanjavur


Department of Social / Agro-forestry Conservator of Forest , Pudukkottai


Department of Small Scale Industries / DIC The Director, DIC, Pudukkotai


Project Director ATMA Joint Director of Agriculture, Pudukkottai


Lead Bank Official Manager, IOB, Pudukkottai




Official from AIR Farm Radio officer, AIR, Trichy


Official from Doordarshan District Coordinator, Pudukkottai


Two representatives from farmers
  1. Rajunarasimman,
    Renuka Farm, Punakkulam,
    Gandarvakkottai, Pudukkottai,
  2. Nallappaudayar,
    S/o N. Godandaraman,
    Dhakshinapuram village,
    Venkitakulam post- 622 303,
    Alangudi Taluk, Pudukkottai


Two representatives from farm women
  1. Tmt. S. Chitra
    W/o S. Sivashankar,
    Vadakkadu, Alangudi,
  2. Tmt.K. Selvi
    W/o Karuppaiah,
    Alangudi, Pudukkottai


Professor and Head Dr. G.Gunasekaran, Ph.D.,
Professor and Head NPRC, Vamban


Director Dr. V. Ambedkar, Ph.D.,
Director TRRI, Aduthurai


Member Secretary Dr.G.Prabukumar, Ph.D.,Programme Coordinator(i/c), KVK, Vamban


Special Invitees Director IICPT, Thanjavur


Special Invitees KVK Trained Entrepreneurs   (6 nos.)

Action taken report on the recommendation of 10th Scientific Advisory Committee meeting held on 14.03.2020

Recommendation: 1

  • IFS model has to be established in all 13 blocks of Pudukkottai District by visiting the IFS model in the KVK’s of Virudhachalam and Viruthunagar District. (Action : SMS, Agronomy)

Action Taken: 1

  • G. Prabukumar, SMS (Agronomy) visited KVK, Kovilankulam, Aruppukottai on 11.11.2019 and learned about the maintenance of demo units viz., poultry, goat, Apiary, vermicompost, mushroom cultivation and value addition.
  • Lecture about Integrated Farming System for rainfed areas has been delivered during officials training during IFS training conducted by DD (FTC), Pudukkottai at ADA office, Viralimalai on 7.11.2019.
  • KVK, Pudukkottai has been included in the committee of NMSA-IFS-RAD scheme during the year 2019-20.
  • IFS scheme has been implemented in Viralimalai block by Department of Agriculture, Pudukkottai under NMSA programme and 100 beneficiaries were identified in 12 villages.

Recommendation: 2

  • Demo on drip irrigation should be established (Action :SMS,  Agronomy).

Action Taken: 2

  • Drip unit for fruit crops has been established in the KVK farm for Mango, Custard apple, Manila tamarind, Pomegranate and Amla.
  • Letter has been sent to Roots Irrigation Private Limited, Coimbatore on 21.10.2019 & 17.12.2019 for getting estimate for layout of drip irrigation in an area of 1 acre for black gram. Lay out will be taken after getting estimate.

Recommendation: 3

  • Arid Zone fruit crops like Manila Tamarind, Jamun and  Custard apple has to be introduced (Action: SMS, Horticulture).

Action Taken: 3

  • Arid zone fruit crops like Custard apple, Manila tamarind were purchased from RRS, Aruppukkottai, Additionally Jamun seeded type and seedless type also were introduced in KVK, Farm.

Recommendation: 4

  • Flower crops like Ixora, Cocks comb and Gomphrena has to be promoted in larger areas (Action: SMS, Horticulture).

Action Taken: 4

  • On campus training was conducted on flower cultivation at KVK, Vamban.
  • Off campus training on role of micronutrients in flower crops on 21.10.2019.
  • Field visit for flower crops like Ixora, Cocks comb and Gomphrena conducted on 05.10.2019.

Recommendation: 5

  • Training and Exposure visit of farmers regarding medicinal plants – Gloriosa in Tiruppur, Erode Districts (Action: SMS, Horticulture).

Action Taken: 5

  • Organized Exposure visit to Oddanchatram on 19.2.2020. In this visit, 24 farmers from Pudukkottai district were participated

Recommendation: 6

  • Success story to be documented for pepper cultivation in non traditional areas (Action: SMS, Horticulture)

Action Taken: 6

  • Success story on pepper has been documented in Uzhavarin
    Valarum Velanmai, January 2019.
  • Pepper cultivation under plains is recorded by DD Podhigai on 4.2.2020.

Recommendation: 7

  • Introduction of cluster Bean MDU 1 and PLR 2 Bottle gourd (Action: SMS, Horticulture)

Action Taken: 7

  • Introduction of Cluster bean MDU 1 has been done as FLD for the year 2019-20 at DFI village.
  • The crop is in harvest stage.
  • PLR 2 Bottle gourd has been adopted in farmers field for the year 2019-20.
  • Crop is in nursery stage at farmer field.

Recommendation: 8

  • Exposure visit to IICPT  for farmers regarding value addition  in Milk products and Millets (Action : TA, Home Science)

Action Taken: 8

  • Organized exposure visit to Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur on 27.11.2019 for Food Processing and Value Addition. Totally 36 farmers were participated.
  • Conducted method demonstration on preparation of milk kova at KVK, Vamban on 24.12.2019. Totally 8 farmers were participated.
  • Organized exposure visit to Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Kumulur on 11.02.2020 for Processing and Value Addition in Millet and Pulses. Totally 20 farmers were participated.
  • Organized exposure visit to Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, TNAU, Coimbatore on 14.02.2020 for Technology and Machinery Demonstration Mela. Totally 20 farmers were participated.

Recommendation: 9

  • Schemes implemented through different line department have to be displayed in KVK (Action: TA, Extn. & PC)

Action Taken: 9

  • Posters depicting the schemes of Department of Agriculture and Horticulture were prepared and displayed at KVK, Vamban

Recommendation: 10

  • Trainings to be conducted in convergence with line department

Action Taken: 10

  • Sl.


    Trainings No. Of programmes No.  Of farmers
    Department of Agriculture (ATMA, IAMP, MSDA, NFSM, FFS) 49 1977
     STAMIN, Kudimiyanmalai 5 676
    Department of Horticulture 2 75
    IMTI, Thuvakudi 3 109
    Department of Animal Husbandry 2 130
    Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Pudukkottai 3 149
    Department of Agricultural Engineering 1 55
    Mahalir Thittam, Pudukkottai 2 50
    Others 6 363
    Total 73 3584


    1. Department of Agriculture, Pudukkottai- ATMA




    Date Title of the Lecture Place No. of farmers
    1. 29.5.19 Dry land Agricultural Technologies to the farmers from Thiruvarur KVK, Vamban 22
    2. 25.6.19 Fodder cultivation and vermicompost production, Value addition in Mango to the farmers from Sivagangai KVK, Vamban 50
    3. 15.07.19 Collective farming Kayambatty 30
    4. 16.07.19 Pre sowing seed treatment in vegetable crops Viralimalai 25


    5. 01.08.19 Gur coconut production Manthankudi 22
    6. 06.08.19 Gur Coconut Akkachipatti 25
    7. 30.8.19 Watershed conservation Kunnandarkoil 160
    8. 04.09.19 Pulse production Technologies and Integrated farming to the farmers from Uthiramerur, Kancheepuram district KVK, Vamban 37
    9. 05.09.19 Rainfed technologies to the farmers of Annavasal. ADA office, Annavasal 36
    10. 09.9.19 Plant Protection technology Kunnandarkoil 77
    11. 20.9.19 Vermicompost Production KVK, Vamban 20
    12. 23.09.19 Non monetary inputs and Zero budget organic farming Thiruvarankulam 36
    13. 30.09.19 Gur Coconut Pudupatti 34
    14. 01.10.19 Rice cultivation Technologies Veeramangalam, Avudayarkovil 30
    15. 10.10.19 Pest and disease management in nursery Paddy Mangudi 17
    16. 14.10.19

    Organic farming

    (Zero budget )

    ADA, office, Ponnamaravathi 40
    17. 24.10.19 Organic farming cultivation (Zero budget) Thirupunavasal 40
    18. 01.11.19 FPO formation Sothupalai 30
    19. 02.11.19 Awareness on FAW in Maize KK Patti 23
    20. 04.11.19 Seed production in pulses from Ponnamaravathy block KVK-Vamban 46
    21. 04.11.19 IPDM in Pulses Ponnamaravathi 46
    22. 05.11.19 Organic farming Neppugai 21
    23. 15.11.19 Tree borne oilseeds to the farmers from Annavasal block KVK, Vamban 35
    24. 25.11.19 Pest and Disease management in Agricultural crops Periyure 31
    25. 26.11.19

    Rainfed Agriculture technologies to the farmers from Thirumayam block


    KVK, Vamban 35
    26. 27.11.19 Tree borne oilseeds to the farmers from Avudayarkovil KVK, Vamban 30



    27. 27.11.19 Mushroom production Technology Kothakottai 29
    28. 28.11.19 Pre sowing seed treatment technologies for different agriculture crops during farmer scientist interaction KVK, Vamban 35
    29. 05.12.19 Tree borne oilseeds to the farmers from Thirumayam KVK, Vamban 34
    30. 25.01.20 Value addition in millets, fruits and Vegetables for ATMA farmers from Thovaalai Block, Kanyakumari District KVK, Vamban 40
    31. 27.01.20 ICT for Agriculture to the farmers from Perambalur KVK, vamban 40
    32. 28.01.20 Pre sowing seed treatment to the farmers from Perambalur, Alathur block KVK, Vamban 40
    33. 11.02.20 Block level Workshop on Scientific Coconut Cultivation and Value Addition Mudhukulam 42
    34. 12.02.20 Organic food and health management ATMA farmers from Pudukkottai District KVK, Vamban 25



    Department of Agriculture, Pudukkottai

    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 18.6.19 Safe use of pesticides and herbicides Input dealers meeting ADA, Avudayarkovil 25
    2. 18.6.19 Integrated farming system Ulavan Nanban ADA, Avudayarkovil 18
    3. 28.6.19 Drip irrigation system Collective farming Kulappampatti 30



    Pesticide use Input dealers Farmers interaction cum training KVK, Pudukkottai 22
    5. 02.08.19 Interaction with farmers PMFBY Multilocation audio conference



    6. 9.9.19 Soil and water management to the farmers from Annavasal block Integrated Watershed Management scheme, Pudukkottai KVK, Vamban 40
    7. 9.9.19 Soil and water management to the farmers from Kunandarkovil block Integrated Watershed Management scheme, Pudukkottai KVK, Vamban 41
    8. 07.11.19 Integrated farming system for rainfed areas Integrated Farming System  – officials training ADA office, Viralimalai 15
    9. 07.11.19 Weed and water management in samba rice FFS, ADA, Annavasal Ayipatti 21
    10. 28.11.19 System of Rice Intensification TN-IAMP, ADA, Kunandarkovil Velli pillayarpatti 50
    11. 14.02.20 ICM in oil seeds FFS-Annavasal block Annavasal 20
    12. 18.02.20 Soil health management and how to take samples for soil testing Soil heath card day,  Ponnamaravathi Ponnamaravathi 150
    13. 18.02.20 Pro tray nursery technology in vegetables Off campus training Maruthakudi 40
    14. 19.02.20 How to take samples for soil testing Soil health card day, Tiruvarangulam KVK, Vamban 100
    15. 25.02.20 Crop management in pulses and FPO formation



    KVK, Vamban 50



    1. STAMIN, Kudumiyanmalai




    Date Title of the Lecture Place No. of officials
    1. 25.09.2019 Suitable micro irrigation for important field crops STAMIN, Kudimiyanmalai 33
    2. 11.10.2019, 23.10.2019  06.11.2019 Integrated Disease management in Pulses STAMIN, Kudimiyanmalai 537
    3. 04.12.2019 Water management technologies for rice, pulses, millets and oilseeds STAMIN, Kudimiyanmalai 32
    4. 06.12.2019 Water management technologies for rice, pulses, millets and oilseeds STAMIN, Kudimiyanmalai 32
    5. 08.1.2020 Vermicompost production to the farmers KVK, Vamban 42


    1. Department of Horticulture, Pudukkottai
    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 22.11.19 Organic vegetable cultivation NHM KVK, Vamban 25
    2. 5.3.2020 Kitchen garden lay out and importance IAMP KVK, Vamban 50


    1. IMTI, Thuvakudi
    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 18.10.19 ICM in Maize and pulses Farmers training Hotel Mullai Grand, Pudukottai 27
    2. 14.11.19 Water management technologies for rice and maize Farmers training Hotel Mullai Grand, Pudukkottai 45
    3. 02.03.20 ICM in oil seeds Farmers training Hotel Mullai Grand, Pudukkottai 37



    1. Department of Animal Husbandry
    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 02.04.19 Fodder cultivation Animal health camp Thoppupatty 45
    2. 11.09.19 Cattle Vaccination National Animal disease control programme  and Animal health camp Neduvasal 85



    1. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Pudukkottai
    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 22.08.19  Capacity Building on Value Addition for Anganwadi Workers On campus training KVK, Vamban 43
    2. 16.10.19 Value addition in millets World Food Day KVK, Vamban 58
    3. 18.11.19  Establishment of nutrigarden in terrace, homestead and anganwadi centres” On campus training KVK, Vamban 48


    1. Department of Agricultural Engineering
    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 24.09.19 Solar energy in Agriculture On campus training KVK, Vamban 55



    1. Mahalir thittam
    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 9.2.2020 Establishment of kitchen garden Tamil Nadu Rural Development scheme DSMS office, Pudukkottai 25
    2. 10.2.2020 Nutritional importance of kitchen garden for TOT of SHG member Tamil Nadu Rural Development scheme DSMS office, Pudukkottai 25
    1. Others
    Sl.No Date Title of the lecture Programme Place No. of farmers
    1. 22.05.19 IPDM in field crops Plant Health Campaign, MSSRF Seegampatti 48
    2. 17.6.19 Integrated  farming system to the Farmers from Namakkal Climate proofing project KVK, Vamban 55
    3. 29.8.19 Production Technology of pulses and value addition in minor millets and pulses. SDP training and demo, TRUPA NGO, Sirukudalpatti, supported by NABARD, Nedumaram KVK, Vamban 35
    4. 19.10.19 Personal Hygiene in Food Preparation Nutritional Awareness Programme for Wardens and Cook of Aadhi Dravidar Hostel Alangudi 75
    5. 24.01.20 Key note address on KVK activities and entrepreneurship development Block Level Orientation Meeting organized by Tamil Nadu Rural Transformation Project, Thiruvarankulam KVK, Vamban 30
    6. 27.02.20  “Importance of Traditional Foods and Value Addition in Millets” for Farmers, Anganwadi worker and Training nurses of primary health centre. Traditional Food Festival, Government Higher Secondary School, Alangudi Panchayat 120




Recommendation: 11

  • Training on Honey bee production to be given by inviting experts

Action Taken: 11

  • Off campus training on Honey bee rearing was conducted at Pallathividuthi village of Thiruvarankulam block on 17.08.2019. In this training, 24 farmers were participated. Dr. Sheeba, Assistant Professor (Agri. Entomology) from ADAC & RI, Trichy has given special lecture on honey bee rearing.

Recommendation: 12

  • Mushroom unit should be established (Action: TA, Plant. Patho)

Action Taken: 12

  • Mushroom demo unit has been established at KVK, Vamban
  • 5 kg of Oyster mushroom was produced and sold for Rs.350 to KVK staffs and NPRC Student Hostel.

Recommendation: 13

  • Meeting has to be organized with farmers and lead bank authorities (Action: TA, Extn. & PC)

Action Taken: 13

  • DFI Kisan mela was arranged on 20.06.2019 at Melnilaipatty village of Thirumayam block. Thiru R. Veerappan, Financial consultant, Lead bank was participated and delivered lecture on banking schemes for farmers in Agricultural domain.
  • Kisan mela at Keeramangalam and Fertilizer Awareness programme has been organized by KVK, Vamban. IOB and SBI Bank Officials have been invited to deliver loan schemes for the farmers.

Recommendation: 14

  • Penetration of TKM 13 and CO52 Paddy variety as an alternate for BPT 5204 has to be recorded through survey. (Action : SMS, SS&T)

Action Taken: 14

    • The paddy varieties which were used by the farmers of Pudukottai District have been collected for the last five years from the office of the Joint Director of Agriculture, Pudukottai.


    Varietal spectrum of paddy in Pudukkottai District


    Name of the crop/Variety Varietal coverage (%)
    2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
    Crop 1: Paddy
    Area (ha) 75162 86198 68776 73825 67329
    ADT 37 4% 5% 6% 5% 2%
    ADT 39 17% 19% 18% 15% 13%
    ADT 43 1% 3% 2% 1% 1%
    ADT 45 4% 7% 7% 5% 1%
    IWP 2% 3% 2% 1% 3%
    CR 1009 2% 2% 1% 9% 10%
    CO (R) 50 2% 1% 2% 2% 2%
    CO (R) 48 1% 1% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
    CO (R) 49 2% 1% 1% 2% 0.5%
    CO (R) 51 2% 1% 0% 0% 1%
    ADT 49 1% 1% 0.5% 3% 1%
    BPT 5204 52% 55% 59% 54% 63%
    NLR 34449 9% 0% 0% 2% 1%
    Others (TKM 13 & CO 52) 1% 1% 1% 0.5% 1%
    Total 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%


    • Introduction of ADT 53 as FLD to 10 farmers during 2019-20.

Recommendation: 15

  • One day Awareness programme on soil health, Mushroom production and usage of farm machinery once in every 6 months (Action : All SMS)

Action Taken: 15

  • World Soil day and Jal Shakti Abhiyan was organised at Panchayat Union middle school, Seriyalur, Keeramangalam Firka, Thiruvarangulam block on students including 89 girls and 8 teachers including Headmaster, 9 RAWE students of ADAC&RI, Trichy, 5 farmers including KVK contact farmer and President of Seriyalur Village youth development group and media members participated. Exhibition on water conservation arranged and pledge taken at the end of the event.World Soil day was observed at Institute of Agriculture (IOA), Vamban on 05.12.19. Dr. M.R. Latha Programme Coordinator, KVK, Vamban explained on theme “Stop soil erosion and save our future” and importance of soil health management.World Soil day was observed at Agrl. Extension centre, Vamban on 05.12.19.
    Dr. M.R. Latha Programme Coordinator, KVK, Vamban explained on essentials of soil health for farm productivity.  ADA Thiruvarankulam. 25 farmers including 5 farmwomen.Lecture about Tree Borne Oilseeds has been delivered to farmers from Thirumayam block during exposure visit under ATMA project. Dr. M.R. Latha Programme Coordinator, KVK, Vamban delivered lecture about importance of soil health for soil health day 2019 programme. Totally 34 farmers including 6 women participated.World Soil Day Programme conducted in Fertilizer shop at Manalmelkudi.
    Dr. K. Nelson Navamaniraj, SMS (SS&T), KVK, Vamban explained about importance of soil health and how to prevent soil erosion 14 farmers participated and 2 RAWE Students were participated.Awareness programme on right application of fertilizersKrishi Vigyan Kendra, Vamban, Pudukkottai  organized “Awareness programme on right application of fertilizers” on 22.10.19.Dr. M.R. Latha, Programme Coordinator, Welcomed the gathering and spoke on the importance of soil organic matter. Dr. R. Rajendran, Dean AC & RI, Echankottai presided and inaugurated the exhibition on manures, fertilizers, organic products and Models on IFS, drip irrigation. During his presidential address, he emphasized the Importance of  INM and shared his research experience on SSNM in paddy. Technical lectures on judicious use of fertilizers, use of bio-fertilizers, organic inputs, fertilizer quality standards, soil health management, crop sequence of soil fertility  and integrated nutrient management were delivered by KVK, NPRC scientists and Agriculture officers. A leaflet on integrated nutrient management was released.10 soil health cards were issued to farmers. KVK field visit, Vermicompost and Azolla unit visit were performed. Video films on Integrated Nutrient Management, organic farming entrepreneur activities and Live webcast address to farmers by Hon’ble Union Minister of Agrl. Cooperation and Farmers Welfare and Union Minister of Ministry of Chemicals and fertilizers were shown to farmers. Dr. S. Pugalendhi, P& H, DREE, TNAU delivered key note address on importance of Bio Digested Slurry in soil fertility. Mr. M. Subbiah, JDA, Pudukkottai, Dr. P.P. Mahendran, Prof (SS& AC) and Head, Crop Management, AC&RI, Kudumiyanmalai delivered special addresses. Mr. Mohammed Rafi, Agriculture Officer, (Quality Control), Pudukkottai, Ms. H. Backialakshmi, Agriculture Officer, Biofertilizer unit, Kudumiyanmalai, Pudukkottai, Dr. R. Parimala devi, Asst. Professor, Agrl. Microbiology, NPRC, Vamban, KVK Scientists were participated. 172 participants including 105 farmers including 64 farm women, RAWE students of AC & RI, Echankottai and ADAC&RI, Trichy, Diploma in Agriculture students of IOA, Vamban and were participated.  Dr. K.C. Sivabalan, Agr;. Extension, Training Assistant, KVK, Vamban proposed formal vote of thanks.SMS (Agronomy)

    • Off campus training on Direct seeded rice has been conducted at Veeramangalam on 01.10.2019.
    • Off campus training on farm mechanization has been conducted at Elunootrimangalam on 28.01.2020.


    TA (Plant. Pathology)

    • Oncampus training on Mushroom cultivation technology has been conducted at KVK, Vamban on 19.08.2019. In this training 29 farmers from Dakshinapuram, Kothakottai, Venkitakulam and Vadakadu were participated.
    • Off campus training on Mushroom production Technology has been jointly organized by KVK, Vamban and Department of Agriculture, Thiruvarankulam Block on 27.11.2019 at Kothakottai village. In this training 29 farmers from Kothakottai were participated.

Recommendation: 16

  • Agro forestry models should be developed in KVK as well as farmers fields (Action: SMS, SS&T and Agronomy).

Action Taken: 16

  • As per recommendation of SAC Agro forestry model (Multifunctional agro forestry system) was established at KVK, Vamban. The seedlings planted were 1. Tectona grandis
    1. Neolamarkia Cadamba
    2. Pterocarpus santalinus
    3. Dalbergia sisso
    4. Melia Dubia
    5. Artocarpus heterophyllus (PLR-1)

    Watermelon was sown as inter crop.

Recommendation: 17

  • Horticultural cafeteria and nutritional garden demo unit to be established in KVK (Action : SMS-Horticulture)

Action Taken: 17

  • Horticultural cafeteria established in KVK Farm. Crops with Cashew, Manila tamarind, Jamun, Seedless Jamun, and Custard apple, Jasmine.
  • Nutritional garden established in KVK, Farm with greens,  tomato, brinjal, bhendi, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, moringa.
    Citrus and others. Date 18.11.2019.

Recommendation 18

  • In coordination with NPRC Vamban, exclusive Technology transfer programme for pulses especially newly released varieties has to be done. (Action : SMS, SS&T and PC)

Action Taken 18

  • To overcome the micro nutrient deficiency in flower crops recommendation to be given to the farmers (Action: SMS, Horticulture)

Recommendation: 19

  • To overcome the micro nutrient deficiency in flower crops recommendation to be given to the farmers (Action: SMS, Horticulture)

Action Taken: 19

  • On campus training on Micro nutrient deficiency in flower crops was conducted on 4.10.2019. In this training, 25 farmers were participated.
  • Field visit under gone for flower crops in DFI village on 5.10.2019. Micronutrient recommendation given for 7 farmers.
  • Off campus training on Micro nutrient deficiency in flower crops was conducted on 21.11.2019 at DFI village, Pallathividuthi. 21 farmers were participated in the programme.

Recommendation: 20

  • For Moringa cultivation and value addition, exposure visit has to be arranged (Action : SMS, Horticulture)

Action Taken: 20

  • Moringa cultivation OFT already taken for the year 2018-19 in 5 farmers field.
  • Crop is in bearing stage
  • Off campus training was conducted on 24.09.2019
  • Value addition in Moringa on 24.09.2019
  • Organized exposure visit to Karur Oraganic moringa and vegetable farmers producer company, Pallapatti on 06.02.2020.

Recommendation: 21

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Action Taken: 21

  • The millet processing facility at Pudukkottai Organic Farmer Producer company Ltd, Pudukkottai (3km) are presently availed by Thirumalairayasamuthiram farmers. Initiatives were taken to form a farmer producer group to avail schemes from Department of Agricultural Engineering.

Recommendation: 22

  • Exclusive outreach programme has to be conducted by inviting senior people from TNAU, Coimbatore. (Action: TA, Home Science & TA, Extension).

Action Taken: 22

TA, Home Science

  • Outreach programme has been jointly organized with Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, TNAU, Coimbatore-3.
  • Organized off campus training on Biogas production at home level and Value Addition in Moringa at Miratunilai Village of Arimalam Block on 07.2019. Totally 38 farmers were participated.
  • Lecture on importance of processing and value addition delivered by
  • Associate Professor (Food Science and Nutrition) from ADAC&RI, Trichy during the World Food Day on 16.10.2019. Totally 58 farmers were participated.
  • Programme on PCRA – Kisan Mela and on campus training on Alternative Natural Sweetener in Bakery Products was organized at KVK, Vamban on 25.11.2019. Totally 57 farmers were participated.
  • PCRA Awareness programme was organized for ITI students at Aavanam and Alangudi Village on 25.02.2020. Totally 80 students and 10 staffs were participated.

TA (Agrl. Extension)

  • Outreach programme on fertilizer application was conducted on 22.10.2019 with Dr. K. Kumarasamy, Prof. Soil Science (Retd.) and Dr. C. Udayasoorian, Prof. (Environmental Science) & Dean (SPGS)(Retd.), TNAU, Coimbatore.

Recommendation: 23

  • PLR 1 Jack demonstration has to be done in farmers field (Action : SMS, Horticulture)

Action Taken: 23

  • 80 Nos of Jack PLR 1 grafts were purchased from VRS, Palur.
  • 50 Nos of Jack PLR 1 grafts were distributed to 50 farmers under Farm womens day Programme on 15.10.2019 at Pilaviduthi of Karambakudi block.
  • 10 seedlings were distributed to DFI village farmers.
  • 20 seedlings were distributed for Planting in Multifunctional agroforestry established at KVK, Vamban.

Recommendation: 24

  • Hybrid maize seed production has to be taken up (Action: SMS, SS&T)

Action Taken: 24

  • As per the proc. no. DSC/field visit of the Director, Seed Centre/2019 dt.14.11.2019. Instead of Maize hybrid seed production of newly released VBN 9 and VBN 10 black gram TFL seed production has been taken up.

Recommendation: 25

  • KVK news letter should be released (Action : All SMS coordinated by TA, Extn, PA(Technical) and PA (Computer)

Action Taken: 25

  • KVK, Pudugai News letter is under preparation.

Recommendation: 26

TFL seed should not be produced except for varieties which are not notified. (Action : SMS, SS&T)

Action Taken: 26

  • TFL Seed production has been not taken up in notified varieties. Black gram VBN 8 foundation seed production has been taken up.TFL seed production of newly released black gram varieties VBN 9 & VBN 10 has been taken up at KVK, Vamban.

Recommendation: 27

Demonstration and Training should be regularly conducted in DFI village (Action: All SMS)

Action Taken: 27

  • Grafted brinjal proposed as FLD for the year 2019-20.
  • Two local varieties namely, Thirukkattalai and Aalavayal seeds were collected and grafts were received from HC and RI, CBE.
  • of grafts: 300.
  • Grafts were distributed to farmers of DFI village, Arimalam and Thiruvarankulam block.
  • 20 grafts were planted in KVK farm.

Recommendation: 28

Demonstration and Training should be regularly conducted in DFI village (Action: All SMS

Action Taken: 28

The important interventions in DFI village are given below.