Fruit crops suitable for saline and alkaline soils

Fruit crops suitable for saline and alkaline soils
An area of 4 acres has been planted with naval, pomegranate, guava, annona for fruit production and propagation purpose. Training on suitable fruit crops tolerant to saline and alkaline soils is being given to farmers and extension functionaries

Mango orchard have been established to promote mango seedlings both soft wood and approach grafting.  More than 12 varieties are being produced and supplied to the farmers and department of horticulture for wider adoption.

The mother plant of PKM1 and CO3 are being maintained for production of seedlings through approach grafting techniques. So far 5,000 had been produced and distributed to the farmers

The mother plant of NA7, BSR 1 and Kanchan varieties are being maintained for production of seedlings through softwood grafting techniques.
The above units were utilized for production of seedlings and also to  offer training to the farmers, extension functionaries and rural youths.


Honey bee park established at KVK, Salem , In this park four colonies of Indian honey bee , Apis cerana indica has beenmaintained in Marthandam type of hive. Through this demonstration unit farmers were trained on various aspects of apiculture such as  impartation of  knowledge on apiculture, skill empowerment and capacity building on  modern apiculture technique for popularization of bee keeping, maintenance of apiary through scientific methods , skill in scientific methods of honey extraction, harvest, processing and storage to sustain the industry in the Salem district, augmentation of  alternate income generation & employment security through scientific beekeeping, development of   marketing of apicultural products to expand Bee keepers associations for uplifting the farmers in Salem district