Success Stories

Success stories

Year Title Success story in brief
2011-12  Seed production in pulses


By the use of new varieties of VBN4 in blackgram VBN2 and VRM1 in greengram realized higher yield ranging from 800-860 kg/ha than the farmers practice(500-550kg/ha)

Foliar application of TNAU pulse wonder increased the yield and seed filling also more

By seed production realized more income than grain production

2012-13 Popularisation of Paddy variety CO(R) 49 through seed production By the use of new varieties in paddy realized higher yield ranging from 6800-6860 kg/ha than the farmers practice(5500-5550kg/ha)

Foliar application of micro nutrients  increased the yield and seed filling also more

By seed production realized more income than grain production

2013-14 Minor Millets and its Value Added Products for Food and Nutrition Security Minor Millets Producers groups have also formed at Thambampatty clusters and created a new minor millets business unit namely Natural Health millets with technical and marketing support of KVK, Salem.  Before KVK’s INSIMP interventions, the Minor millets growers at Thambampaty used to cultivate minor millets crops and harvested produces usually sold as raw grain to middle men and fetches low income from the minor millets.

After KVK’s INSIMP interventions, the groups has undergone training on minor millets production and its value added products at KVK, Salem.  Based on the technical backstopping and constant encouragement of KVK, Salem, the Thambampatty and Kolli hills minor millets growers now harvesting the produces and converting the grain into value added products and fetches three times higher prices than the normal prices in the Market.

The groups has recently produced 1200 Kgs of minor millets value added products with help of KVK Salem’s INSIMP Machinery Unit and marketed as Nalam Minor millets products through Ponni Super Market which is one of the biggest direct sales centre coming under Cooperative Societies of Salem District.  The value added products includes Sorghum powder, Sorghum Ravai, Kambu Ravi, Kambu Rice, Kambu Powder, Thinai Rice, Thinai Powder, Varagu Rice, Varagu Ravai, Varagu powder, Samai Rice, Samai Ravai and Samai Powder in the well packed packages.

Employment Generation:  The groups of members of Poocharam and minor millets groups, Thampapatty have got employment almost throughout the year.  The group have got more than 200 working man days and earning significant income from the minor millets cultivation and its value added products.

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